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      Merry Christmas to everyone, and happy chilly breeding season to all! No better time to get comfy with a nice guy or girl and get to making your own heat this winter, right? You can credit me if you end up with any September babies thanks to that gem of advice, by the way...

      Well, I hadn't planned to post anything for Christmas before this morning, but I decided that thanks to a delightful dream I woke up with and a burning desire to make a certain annual gift-giving exercise more special, I would write a story in time for the holiday. I worked on it for a fair bit of my day, and I would say it was a time well spent - especially for those beastmen fans out there.

      Labyrinth Breed is the story inspired from the Greek mythology concerning the Labyrinth, a twisting maze impossible to escape from into which many an unlucky sacrifice was offered up to feed its terrifying inhabitant: the Minotaur. A giant half-man and half-bull with an insatiable appetite for human flesh, it prowled the corridors of the Labyrinth to hunt out the unfortunate souls who were forced to enter it.

      In this story however, the Minotaurs desire to feast on human flesh in a different way. Selene bears witness to the depravity and intent of these monsterous beasts when she and her sisters in torment are sacrificed to the Labyrinth's twisting halls. With no hope of escape Selene must endure a most terrifying orgy from which women never return. Will she somehow find a way out from her bullish captors, or will she succumb to their true intent?

      It's a short one, which for me is a high accomplishment! And one that will certainly please a few who enjoy my blog quite a bit. It includes Non-Human, Non-Consent, Orgy, Impregnation, and Pain elements in this Minotaurian fuckfest, so read on if any of those interest you!

Labyrinth Breed

      Selene awoke in the depths of the Labyrinth, alone. Exiled by her people and sacrificed to the insatiable appetite of that horrid maze, she and her sisters in suffering were quickly taken by its monsters. The ambush was quick and decisive, only letting them scream in woe a few seconds before it was over. Selene felt the dry sandy stone beneath her bare palms, and shivered beneath the thin veil of her white dress.

      She was alone. A cell, or rather just another cavern in that place. Did the beasts here even know or care about such distinctions? Her eyes adjusted to the only dim, flickering light coming from the main room beyond. The sounds of her compatriots came from there – some muffled and suppressed, some wails and cries piercing through, but above all came the distinct sounds of their captors. Deep and inhuman, the bellows of the beasts roared into Selene’s dismal room as she stared out at the scene.

      The Minotaurs were raping them all.

      Great horned hulks crouched in every corner of the room, each with their own prize to fuck. Shaped like men with hooved legs and heads of bulls, the monsters were anything but human. They bore down on the frightened women, the younger ones screaming and writhing against their furred bulks, the older giving in. The cacophony mixed fear and pain with agonizing pleasure, and every bullish monster mated and fucked his helpless prize differently.

      A young woman screamed as a Minotaur seized a fleeing woman, and in a swift motion tore apart her dress with its inhuman hand. It grunted and pressed, and impaled the caught woman with its member, its monstrous cock piercing deep her womanhood. Her eyes rolled and her whole body shook as her silent scream broke into a bloody screech, her suspended body sliding down inch by inch onto its phallus.
      Another woman clawed along the ground, her back pushed into the dusty earth as her new lover groaned above her. A sound like a man and a bovine combined, the monster grunted each time it slammed its bullish cock into her sensitive folds. Selene could hear the slapping from the doorway, its bare-skinned balls slapping against her abused ass. Her fists clenched in the fur of its chest, pushing against her immoveable rapist with all her might, and cried to the gods to save her. They didn’t.

      Yet others Selene had never seen before were there too, women whose dirty wild hair and scuffed bodies showed that they were no strangers to the Minotaur. Previous sacrifices, no doubt the ones who survived their ordeal and were kept by those monsters as more than just food or sport, were being mated in much the same way as their newer compatriots. But their eyes frightened Selene the most. A virgin reached out towards just such a woman, pleading with her to save her as the bull pressed her tender belly against the stone and ravaged her once innocent body in mighty blows. The woman stared down at her, and crawled slowly to her on hands and knees. With her eager eyes staring she smiled as a grey-furred stud mounted her from behind, and whispered unhearable words to the weeping virgin as she came.

      Selene had to escape. This place would be her death, or worse. The orgy continued in the flickering light of the torches, and only the darkness of the twisting maze stretched beyond them. Somehow she had to make it out, and losing herself again in the ever-changing walls would spare her from this new hell. But it was not to be. As she prepared to run, she felt a beast seize her from behind. She bolted, but the great maulish hands seized her body and spun her horrified body back toward itself.

      Its smell hit her first. Towering above her, the bullish musk instantly filled her nose. Earthy and nigh-fetid, the creature reeked of hot sex. Selene was no stranger to it, but never had she smelled anything so utterly male in her life before. Its eyes shimmered red in the fires beyond, and its midnight-black fur hung like heavy moss from its titanic body. Into the main room it carried her, ignoring the kicking and thrashing Selene put up – no, rather it held her aloft as if entertained by her spirit.

      In the room the din rose in clarity, just as the visage of her captor did. Its muzzle was scarred and rugged, a veteran master of the maze who had no doubt slain countless heroes undaunted. A chest forged by battle both with humans and with beasts followed into its hard abdomen and haunches thick as oaks. Between its legs hung its bullish member, black as coal with a flared fleshy head, swaying more than halfway down to its knees. Selene breathed in its foul breath, and she knew right then she had no choice to run any longer.

      Her dress was no protection for her. The bull caught the shoulder of it with its sharpened horn and tore it from her chest with a flick to the side. The tattered skirt clung around her waist, and bare-breasted Selene couldn’t help but welcome its hot breath warming her chilled skin. It grasped her torso, thumbing over her modest tit nearly completely just with that single digit. The pads of its fingers were coarse, yet softer than the matted fur covering the rest of its shaggy body. The beast grunted and pushed Selene against the stone wall, pinning her and pawing over her helpless body.

      This was no foreplay. It petted down her form as if inspecting her, like a farmer assessing the health of his cattle. The irony only made its touch all the more humiliating to her, and despite herself she moistened its fingers when they spread her legs. She was getting wet for this beast’s touch. It was due to its cock, now half-erect and dragging along her inner thigh slowly. Like the softest leather it stalked up her smooth skin as its core hardened like bone. The room overflowed with the evidence of what such a weapon would do to a woman. Their gaping, ruined pussies stretched open beyond what they were meant for, gushing out a flood of monstrous spunk that flooded the stone floor with pools of thick cream. The virgins bled, and many others besides, from those bullish cocks. And now she would too.
      The head met her moist lips, and the beast snorted as Selene’s pussy drool ran down its cock. She turned her face away from it, denying her own body’s betrayal, but her heart beat faster still. The crowned head burned against her skin, and she trembled thinking of it pushing inside her. Knowing that it would. Her eyes snapped open as it stepped forward and began to thrust.

      Pain shot through her very core. The cock was not meant for human women – a bullish cock meant only to mate with beasts of the field. But the Minotaur lusted for only her flesh, her human pussy, a pussy that stained and stretched to its limit simply to endure the first push of its insatiable bulk. Selene found her gripping its fur and pushing away, her knees coming up against its hard abs to assist just like countless girls before her, and found she could not escape. The bull pushed, and she could only yield and scream as it ruined her tight cunt, inch by inch.

      After an eternity it seemed, she felt it begin to fuck her. Not even half inside her and still the beast stretched her beyond anything she’d ever felt before. Its thickness strained her while the sliding veined piston teased every ridge and wall of her pussy. The pain persisted, especially when its hips jerked up and forced another half an inch into her belly. Every time it pulled out she felt only emptiness in its wake, a relief soon snuffed out by its inevitable rough return. It grunted low fucking her, and she tried to bite back the gasps and moans as the beast had its way with her.

      Selene opened her eyes, half disbelieving she was there being mated by this horrid beast. Her whole body pushed up whenever it bottomed out in her, and still more and more of its cock forced her pussy wider still. Delirious with the pain like giving birth, she felt with horror the stirrings of a new pain – the realization of a deep and growing pleasure she’d never felt before. This monster was raping her, fucking her, and her traitorous body was beginning to like it!

      She refused as best she could, but found herself clinging to the beast instead of pushing away. Her little hands wrapped around its heaving chest, holding onto its coarse fur on either side as it rutted into her human cunt. She looked out over its broad shoulder and her eyes fell onto a bestial mating beyond the depravity of the others. Another former sacrifice rode atop a white-maned bull, head rolled back in the throes of ecstasy and mouth agape in a throaty howl. She was cumming for the beast, her pale pussy stretched taut over the bullish cock buried itself deep into her tight belly. Her tight, round belly.

      Selene gasped for breath. The woman was pregnant. She was pregnant from one of these monsters. A Minotaur had fucked her and impregnated her with its bestial seed. And now Selene saw countless women, all wild-haired and in various positions all around the room, sporting similar bumps – some small and barely showing, and others huge and hanging low. They were not just raping them for sport, Selene realized. The bulls were breeding them, and now she was being bred too.

      Selene screamed out when she felt the bull ram her cervix, hard. The Minotaur had reached her end, and still thrust more of its cock into her. Her tight pussy spasmed and quaked around the invader, twitching from the horror and pain of her dark revelation. But more than that, her pussy gushed its cum over its pulsing member from the abject pleasure the monster forced into her. No man had fucked her for more than just pleasure, to accomplish more than just getting off and basking in the manly delight of such release. But this beast, this monster, was pure instinct and desire. It chose her to feed the primal hunger. It plunged its cock into her human belly to fill the void in her womb. It would inseminate her to satisfy its ultimate purpose: To breed more monsters inside her fertile belly.

      A wild terror seized her at the thought of bearing its hellish spawn inside her, to know that a beast more manly than any man and inhuman beyond compare would own her body completely. The cock rammed against her cervix, and she felt herself succumbing. Its heavy balls slapped against her ass, like two hard ripe plums beating against her firm flesh. Their beat fixated her. The Minotaur pounded her faster, pressing her so hard against the stone wall it nearly crushed her. Every hard-fought breath turned into a moan, and her legs wrapped around its wildly rutting waist.
      The others may have seen her, biting down on the monster’s black-furred shoulder and crying out so lewdly, wrapping her legs and arms around it like she would a lover. The horror and terror of bearing as her firstborn a monster just like her rapist thrilled her body like nothing before. She gave in, crying out for all the room to hear her unholy wish: Her wish to be made into its human breeding bitch.

      The Minotaur granted it. With a bellow like both man and bull, it forced open the gates of her womb and unleashed its potent load. Her belly stretched at the force of it. Already the outline of its massive member distending her normally flat midsection, but every pulse dumped more cum into her than her most virile lovers could in a month. It jerked, forcing its fertile sperm deeper into her, blasting her  overstretched cunt so full she felt streams of it spurting out along her thighs. Her bull didn’t stop for ten, fifteen, twenty pulses before she lost count, lost in the earth-shattering orgasm its burning cum unleashed within her. By the time it let up she had experienced three orgasms, each rolling into the next, and it dropped her quivering body to the floor.

      It’s cock hung low again, the flared head still streaming fertile jizz into the stones before her glazed-over eyes. Her pussy spasmed still, gulping up the copious load now flooding from her. She saw her once tight flower now gaping wide, stretched beyond hope by her rapist bull’s raging cock. She knew the beast had ruined her right then, and more than just her pussy. The warmth in her belly would not subside as her greedy womb drowned itself in its fertile sperm, and she knew its bullish seed would find purchase inside her – or already had.

      The world darkened as Selene felt the full extent of her own fatigue. The black-furred Minotaur shook out the final gushes of its spunk onto her collapsed body and walked away, leaving her to soak in its virile slime. The orgy continued around her, and dimly she wondered how many times she would succumb to the beastmen before she began to look like the former sacrifices - pleasure-stricken and wild in their new lives as the breeding stock of the Minotaurs.

      She couldn’t know when, but she knew it would be soon.

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