Sites to Check Out #7

     Just back from a trip abroad, and challenging as it is for me to collect new and interesting sites, I've still managed to amass enough material for another Sites To Check Out thread! That's always exciting for me at least since I so enjoy these, and I bet some others do too. The more impregnation porn the better I say! So lets get to it.

     Fapdu ought to be in everyone's go-to list for porn video searches. Following a simple formula like many others, it is a solid place to find a plethora of good little clips, films, and movies. Of course they also have a fairly good search system built-in with their picture collections, and as a fairly separate tube site they have some unique videos on there. A solid addition to anyone's web-crawling when looking for some good babymaking material.
     I've always had rather good luck with Fantasti. A tube site that uses a combination of on-site movies and crawler searches, it has quite the massive library of stuff to enjoy. So far as impregnation/pregnancy goes it has one of the larger collections that I have found thus far, and with some creative search terms one can find plenty to entertain themselves with. Pictures are organized in both singles and collections, a basic but very nice touch that other sites strangely sometimes lack. There are also forums and a chat room that I have never personally explored, but no doubt would have even more interesting subjects and people to explore. In fact, I should go explore them right now...

     A very small site I stumbled across only by luck, BreedingPorn is just what its name implies. Comprised of what looks like a collection of impregnation/risky/creampie porn videos, it has quite a few pages left unexplored by the likes of me. Just a cursory exploration into it showed me some little gems I had never seen before on the larger video sites, so it may be worthwhile to check out if you are bored. Unlike the previous sites the collection is small enough that really only paging through the whole collection will yield good results, as any simple search will probably remove more good than it preserves. Happy hunting!

     For those who are looking for a good collection of black breeding pictures and movies, this tumblr is a prime place to start looking. While looking through the archive view is the easiest for finding particular pictures, most of the posts are comment-captioned which you can only see if you cruise through via the main page. Either way, NewlyBred had a high focus on pregnant white women with/fucking black guys, or the idea that they were or soon will be knocked up black. If you're not into that particular interracial breeding genre, there really isn't anything else on that site. If you are, have at it!

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