A bit about Lara (and some other news too)

As I write this post I'm rendering the final image for Emily's Investigation. Then begins the long and tedious editing process which you can track at the side bar where I attempt to remove noise, clipping and add Jizz. But at least the rendering process is over now so part 2 and the complete set should be out with in a week if time permits.

In the meantime I thought I'd do some more renders and a bit of a bio of our curvy, well-endowed, milf; Lara, who is currently in second place. Milf you say? Yes, Lara is a single mother of one; a 17 year old daughter named Julie. It's tough being a single mom in today's economy so Lara works two jobs. She teaches at her daughter's high school at day and at night leaves Julie with her grandpa while she secretly works as a stripper and dancer at the city nightclub.


What do you think? Want to know more about Lara and her life? Another characters background? Just forget it and do some more sex? Let me know in the comments bellow.

 Also more Sydney:


We have a lot of girls tied for 3rd place at the moment; Emily, Tanya, Sally and Phoebe. Who should get some renders next? Or should I just do more of Sydney and Lara to award them for their popularity? Stay tuned!

 ~ Jimjim

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