Emily's Investigation: Part 2 Preview

EDIT: 27/JAN/2014:

Obviously I'm not very good with my release dates :(

I still have 10 images left to go and I'm going to try really hard (no pun intended) to get them done in the next 2 days. Hopefully I'm right this time! Sorry to those who are waiting but It'll be just a bit longer. I'll make a new blog post and upload some links when it's done.

Original Post:

Hey, sorry for taking so long on this set. I just can't stop myself adding in fluids and cleaning up my renders but I guess in the end that makes them better. So as of now I only have 20 images left to go and I expect to release this set by the end of next week (Sunday the 2nd of February).

In the meantime here as some new preview images of what's to expect from part 2:



At the moment my focus is getting this set out the way. After that I'll do some more of Sally's mini set and show you all a preview of everything I'm currently working on.

Stay tuned and keep voting!

~ Jimjim

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