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HG - Brother Breeds Little Sister

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      If we go with the title, as we should when cruising with porn anyway, we've got a hot short foreign amateur shoot between two fairly good looking normal people. It is straight-forward fucking, the brother plowing his sister in a whole bunch of different ways, and the sort of sweet parts where he kisses her body and holds her close, especially when he fills her pussy with his brotherly cum. There isn't much to see of it save for all the juices she's pouring out of her nicely-fucked pussy by the end, but it's rather obvious he planted it deep.

Cum in Mommy, Son

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      Now if you like mother-son roleplay dirtytalk, this is quite the treat. It starts right in the middle of the action, a mother getting plowed from behind by her son, and she sure is vocal. With a very seductive voice she coaxes her son to fuck her right, glad to teach him how much better mommy's pussy is than his hand, and how he's so much better than his father. She even wants him to cum inside her pussy and make her pregnant - because after all, everyone would think it was her husband's, right? She's quite the creamy one by the end in any case!

Dad and Daughter Trying for a Baby

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      Daughter has a problem: She wants to get pregnant, badly. But so far it hasn't been working, so she has to keep on trying! This time she's ovulating, and Daddy is there to help. It's a nice-length film with the staples - blowjob, stripping, fucking in multiple positions, and of course a cream-filled pussy in the end. The banter between them is quite natural considering their roleplay, very akin to an amateur production in that sense, and certainly a delight to witness. Sure helps that I find the girl very cute, and it would be great to find more of her works - especially if they have more impregnation themes!

Cute Pregnant Tattoo Girl

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      The actual title is completely irrelevant, so I gave it a more descriptive one. Not overtly sexual, but one of those candid talking videos that just so turns out to be sexy. Just a very cute girl who has some interesting ink making a little show of her pregnancy. While not probably super interesting to most of my viewers, god damn that girl hits the spot for me. It is worth it to see her gorgeous belly and body, and I can only wish the girl(s) I knock up would carry in just such a way. I'd love to learn who this girl is, and see much more of her...

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