Nadiy Elf Gets Straightened Out!

Okay, I know ... Christmas is past. I started this set a week before Christmas, but I am easily distracted and got sucked into a dozen other projects since then. But finally, here is a Nadiy-Elf Christmas set!

Nadiy Elf is called into the Boss's office for some lecturing ... seems she's been consistently at the bottom of the productively chart! That is not good for on-time delivery and all!
The Big-Man's requests at first startling poor Nadiy-Elf ... undress? Why? This seems an HR-red-flag for sure. Luckily, the North Pole is outside of any civil jurisdiction which cares about HR violations!
Mister-Boss, this is most uncomfortable, yet who could fault that warm smile and jolly ole' laugh! He wants to look, let him look!
Nadiy-Elf warms up to the moment. In truth, most elves have never been alone with the Big-Man, whereas this is Nadiy's third time. First came a scolding. Second came a spanking. Third comes ... what?
What the heck! Nadiy-Elf follows instructions, unpeeling as demanded by her boss. After all, he is Santa ... the Big-man himself. Such private audiences are to be treasured, not feared.
Yet, Naidy-Elf is surprised by the next demand. Punishment? Mount herself? Hmmm.
What the heck! None of her friends have been so intimately exposed to the Big-Man himself! Nadiy-Eld decides to treasure this moment in time.
As an Elf, Nadiy easily comprehends the mechanics of the discipline stool. Snapping in first one ankle, then ...

Two ankles down, sink the rod in deep. Nadiy is progressing well! The rod is a bit cold, but it will warm rapidly.
The neck and mouth hardware is unexpected, but easy to install for a mechanically inclined Elf!
Clever Nadiy-Elf managed to get one arm links back, but she required the Big-Man's help for the final arm. Finally, she is ready to be punished!
Here is comes! Sweet, thinks Nadiy-Elf. None of her friends have ever touched the Big-Man, whereas she's about ready to drink in his love! The stories she can now tell ... maybe. What a fine day in the life of Nadiy-Elf!

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix for A4][Santa's Helper Outfit][redviper cheap lingerie][Elleth Hair][Erogenesis body tweaks][Christmas Carol Shop tree & gifts][Film Noir Detective Office][Davo Pichart World Stool, Cuffs, and Mounts][Reika Angle Wider]

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