Sally in "Black and White" [Updated 18/FEB/2014]

Well we finally have a lead for 3rd place in the popularity poll. So I wrote a Bio and rendered up some images as a reward for Sally.

As an elf she usually dedicates most of her time to relieving the sexual tensions of all the monsters and creatures in her realm with the goal of one day uniting all races into a peaceful (and sexy) nation. However, not all elves believe in harmony like Sally does. Most of the Highborn elves wish to rule the fantasy world they live in and eliminate all other "inferior" races. Sally is not a highborn elf, and is looked down upon for her "relationships" with other species.

Sally (or Salleena as was her birth name) travels to our dimension from time to time through the inter-deminsional-transporter (I.D.T.) powered by ancient elven magic. A Lowborn elf such as herself would never normally be allowed to use it! However, through her father's friend she got in touch with the Elven Archmage and lets just say she convinced him to let her take a few trips in it ;)

So now with the ability to travel through dimensions, time and space; Sally goes from planet to planet gathering "experience" and training her body to help her unite the races in her realm. Last time she was on Earth she had heard rumors of black cocks and their size. Their were no black elvish races in her realm so Sally was excited to see if such a large difference in size could be seen in the same species.


UPDATE 18/FEB/2014

To Be Continued...

I will update this post when I do more so stay tuned and keep voting!

~ Jimjim

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