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      Happy New Year everyone! A tad bit late but nevertheless it is finally 2014 and time for another monthly update on how some of my favorite sites are doing. I'll also use this post to describe a few New Year resolutions I have been and will be working on, but first lets take a look at the productivity of the last month of 2013.

Lelu Love

       With nothing of note to mention for WarmKiss, we'll turn to how massively productive Lelu Love and take a little sample of the work she's been doing lately. As usual she is cranking out tons of movies, and last time I mentioned the impregnation fantasy movie she so aptly made. Her backlog must be massive indeed, because as of yet that particular film hasn't appeared on her site yet. No huge surprise though, since she gets so many commissions and can only post one per day. I believe January will see it published for all the members there to view however!

Pant Sniffer Long Distance Creampie
      A secret pervert gets his just deserts. Caught smelling Lelu's panties, she immediately strips down and toys with her horny admirer. Commanding him to rub his cock all over her pussy and getting herself so very wet, she has him give her a creampie - no penetration, just shoot his load into her wet and ready hole.

POV Stockings Impregnation Creampie
      Nothing like stockings and dirty babymaking talk to inspire a fertile fucking. Lelu has been waiting for her man to get back, and she wastes no time in sucking him to hardness and guiding his hard cock to her wet and fertile hole. There's more interesting babymaking gestures and conversation here, like Lelu putting his hand on her belly and saying his baby will be there soon, that are a must see!

Cuckolding Creampie In Panties
      I am not sure it counts totally as cuckolding if the husband gets to bang his wife and cum in her bare pussy... In any case, Lelu is a first-class slut who is off to fuck her lover - at least one of many. But before she leaves her husband, her horniness stops her, and even her husband's cock will do. In control of everything from the positions to when she cums, she isn't in control of when her husband fills her tight pussy with some hot cum. But all ends well enough, and keeping his load snug in her panties she wonders if her next lover will notice another man's spunk drooling out of her...

Illustrated Interracial

       December has been nicely productive over at Illustrated Interracial. Aside from the usual updates to the ongoing stories there have been two holiday-themed panels posted for Christmas and New Years. I sure hope those become more of a recurring theme for the site, since it is so very refreshing to see 'micro-stories' alongside the longer ongoing comic series.

       Of course we'll take a look at some more of the library currently existing on the site, though I will have to tone back my enthusiasm for showing it off. Given that current comics take a long time to produce, I don't want to exhaust that juicy source of kinkiness anytime soon. So I'll be just mentioning one or two stories in these updates, and in the meantime to collect more interesting information about upcoming events, current happenings, and so on to fill in the gaps. Because people like to read more than look at tits, right? Right??

Neighbor's Vacation
       As I have mentioned in the past, the artist Fobbs at Illustrated Interracial tends to create comics of his own stories, but often enough he will take a member's idea and turn it into a comic as well. This is just one such comic created from a member's idea.

       Leanne and her husband decide to help out a friend with housesitting. For two weeks all they have to do is live in their lavish house and enjoy all it has to offer. They don't even have to take care of the huge yard thanks to the black landscapers keeping it maintained. But is isn't just the yard they are actively seeding... When her husband discovers his wife getting serviced by every black gardener on the premises, he cannot help but get turned on. He lets his wife continue fucking them so long as he can watch his white wife's pussy get flooded with strange black men's sperm...

      At only 4 pages long plus a cover, there is plenty of room for a sequel in my opinion. They are house-sitting after all, so it begs the question what have their friends been doing with their own workers? Were they even naughtier than our protagonists here, or could they be convinced to be? And what will happen to our lusty wife who has set loose all her desires for dark flesh? Likely it wouldn't be continued anytime soon, like so many other well-deserving pieces, but it's a thought nonetheless!

Other News

      My blog plans for the new year are much like every year - continue posting what hot pictures and videos I can find, and do so more regularly than I have been in some of the staler months that have been occurring recently. As for some of the specifics, I'll just mention some of them here.

       First, story writing. I want to write more in 2014, and it has been a promising start so far this year. My recent longer story called White Bred has finished its 3rd editing phase, and can be expected to be finished relatively soon. Hilariously I posted about it months ago with the estimation that its completion would be achieved in just a few weeks - which technically was true, but the matter became when those two weeks would occur! In any case I am looking forward to finishing that particular installment soon and to move onto new topics.

       What topics might those be? Not quite sure yet... I receive many requests to continue certain stories all the time, and for many of them I do have some continuations in mind. However, I do have other stories in mind that I wish to explore, and as I mentioned in my last blog post on the subject I want to explore making a small profit from some of my work. The interracial genre is fun to write in, but as people can tell from my current body of work, I enjoy expanding into new genres a great deal. Some stories I wish to explore are adventurous, one involving succubi demons and another a potentially non-erotic (or only mildly erotic) take on the classic dragon/princess/knight story. But we'll see what I move towards in the coming days.

      The next big project is captioning. On this blog perhaps the most popular aspect have been the captions I have been able to produce, aside from the movies I have been able to locate and describe. As I look on my current dwindling pool of captions made literally half a decade ago or more, I can really see the improvements I have made in their production. Long gone are the days of Paint-captioning with fuzzy textures and low contrast. I've learned a thing or two from studying captioning I do like, erotic and non-erotic alike. 

      If I were to credit some artists in particular for my improvements (for those improvements I believe are apparent to all), I would like to cite the complex-caption works of SweetBack (now scattered hither and thither across the internet sadly) and the very artfully constructed works of LovingSis. I'd enjoy to make more 'Motivational Poster' style works soon, which will simply need a regular template for me to use, but for now my current project is the creation of single-photo 'Breeding Propaganda'. It is fun and I enjoy the respite from the longer complex photos, and I hope to create many more of them - god knows I have enough raw photo resources to do it!

      Aside from these major areas of work? I'd say there is room for a lot more. Transcribed roleplays, audio files, more interesting sites to check out, development updates, expanded video finds, profit-gaining events alongside continued non-profit works, and more creative work with partners will be filling Impregnation Erotica in the coming months. I'll be sure to detail them more when I begin to approach them in future blog posts, which inevitably someone will enjoy - even if it is only just me! I am looking forward to seeing those projects become reality, and I am sure my audience will as well.

      Happy New Year everyone, and enjoy your risky sex responsibly.

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