Sydney's in the Lead

As of this post Sydney is winning the popularity poll. She decided to thank her fans by showing off her new outfit.

EDIT: Blogger seems to hate me when I upload images, Here's an uncompressed high quality version:

Sydney likes to wear her hair in pigtails some times. She enjoys the extra attention it gets her (not that she needs it).

Remember to vote for your favorite. Lara is coming close second and we have 3 tied for third place. There's still ages to vote but the more votes we get the clearer the victor is. And maybe the girls will do some more pinups if more votes come in ;)

In other news I have about 1-3 more shots to render with the 2nd part of Emily's Investigation then I just have to sit down and edit it all together (noise fix-ups and semen) . It should be out in the next 2 weeks.

~ Jimjim

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