The Spring Fling 2014 Story Competition

     Greetings my loyal breeders and breedees! I have a special blog post today about a small community project I have the great pleasure of orchestrating and conducting.

     I was recently approached over at The ImpregNation with an offer to create a new story competition, with the grand prize being a film adaptation of the 1st place movie. Turns out JWTies, owner of Taboo Diaries, is launching a new production studio and wanted to start it with something exciting and community-involving. This is the second time he has sponsored a movie-making prize, the first sponsorship resulting in the film adaption of Shelly's Christmas Revenge, an original short-story written by Nando for my Winter 2012 Story Competition (This competition was also the source of my Baby Crazy story).

     How could I say no? I jumped at the chance to host another of these competitions. Those who enjoy impregnation and breeding hardly ever get the chance to voice their desires to film companies, let along have the chance of seeing their particular fantasies playing out on the screen. I spent all of today developing the cover art and documentation for this enterprise, and now I can proclaim its coming to my most astute viewers here!

     The Spring Fling 2014 Story Competition has its theme built into the title. Springtime is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to thaw from winter and get to breeding. The major competition details can be seen on the official Competition Page, but to sum up: The first-place story will be adapted into a 30-40 minute erotic video based on the preferences of the author in terms of picking from available actors and discussing scene and so forth. The stories must address the theme in one way or another, involve an impregnation or risky aspect, and meet all of the guidelines concerning JWTies' film production.

     The best part about the competition in my opinion is the voting system. Those who sign up on The ImpregNation (Entirely free) are all eligible to submit their story and/or vote anonymously on the one they'd like to see made into a movie. Because this will be a film to please our demographic of fertile-minded guys and gals, there is no better way to pick the best than to democratize the decision. Unlike the last Movie Drive competition where only donators could vote, everyone with an account on The ImpregNation is encouraged to vote for their favorite story!!

     Not only the first place winner will be receiving a prize. Thanks to our growing list of sponsors, the top three story authors will all receive various prizes. Lelu Love has generously offered a week-membership pass for each of the placing stories, and SpunkLube is offering a most lubricating experience to them as well. And the list is growing. I cannot thank my sponsors enough for supporting my competitions, and I would encourage everyone to check them out when you have the chance!

     I mean really, consider this: When it comes to our niche, it is hard to find porn that even comes close to what we like. I've built this whole blog out of my desire to accumulate as much of the good impregnation materials as I can find into one place for others to enjoy because of that. When an opportunity like this comes around for we as a porn-starved demographic to not only create and enjoy erotic literature, but also see the development of one of those titillating tales into a feature-length film at no cost to us save our time and pleasure, I absolutely must encourage everyone to participate! Be you author or reader or humble wanker (if not all three), you have a place in this competition to decide what you'd most like to see made into a movie.

     This is an event that has only happened once before, and who knows when it will come around again? I do know that if the community outpouring is great enough, if we have tons of submissions and even more interested voters and viewers of the final product, then this opportunity will undoubtedly come around again in the future. But for now, onward I say. Check out the link to the competition details itself, sign up a free username on The ImpregNation if you haven't already, write up a storm or brace for the gooey impact, and enjoy the Spring Fling 2014 Story Competition!

     Lets make this competition the most successful one yet!

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