Sites to Check Out #8

      Hey everyone, it has been a rather slow month for Impregnation Erotica, but here is a small Sites to Check Out Thread to help tide you over. I haven’t been exploring too much lately outside of the normal haunts I visit, so if you have any sites to recommend be sure to tell me in the comments or send me an email. I enjoy finding new places after all!

Tumblrs of Note

      The author of this blog is an adherent to the woefully uncommon impregnation fantasy where the woman takes control and makes her man give her the baby she wants and deserves. Like a few other blogs I have mentioned the gems of his work are to be found page by page, as he generally makes good in-comment captions to the pictures he posts. He also liked my story Baby Crazy so much he mentioned it on here, so double kudos for that!

      My my, if you like your pussies fucked and heavily creamed, this is the tumblr for you. The archive is absolutely drenched in dripping cunts and well-filled holes. The author loves Daddy play, and a man forcing his cum into his pretty little girl seems to be what gets her off best. I know that I will be visiting here fairly often to mine up some delightfully cum-oozed slits. Certainly a treasure trove of creampies and inseminations, so I would recommend it to any who visit this blog!

      And for those who like their hotties’ bellies a little bit down the road from the tumblr above, you have Preggo Party, which as the name suggests is teeming with round-tummied beauties from their naughty activities. There is a smattering of really great artistic photos alongside the amateur and the mundane, but basically all are of very lovely pregnant women sporting their swollen baby bumps for all to see, and then some.

Stories and Galleries 
      I wanted to simply list a few small sources of pleasure I have found recently and in the past. As single stories, galleries, and comics they are often found on the sites I have already mentioned, but I thought they would be worth a nod so more of my viewers could go enjoy them.


      The major reason I include this particular gallery is for the fact that this user has somehow managed to collect the ImageFap works of SweetBack, a captioned picture artist who regardless of subject material did a fantastic artistic job. They are about halfway down the list, so if you wanted to see those interracial breeding panels again, have at it!


       Here are a few stories which I’ve found, mostly from the old Impregnorium site (the very first one), which likely due to nostalgia was a kind of golden age of my kink… ahhh… Anyway, check them out if you want a little literary kick.

      Actually kind of a misleading title – she technically asks him to NOT knock her up, but the neighbor boy has too high of a bent on planting a baby in his sexy neighbor’s belly that he convinces her to take his sperm where it belongs. If you like lots of babymaking dirtytalk with the younger guy with the older woman, this one will be a good read for you!

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