Sponsored Site Reviews | January 2014

      A bit late in coming, but here is the sponsored site review for January. It is looking like a nice start to the year, so lets get started too!

Lelu Love

      Turns out my prediction was true! The video which was funded by the Movie Drive Competition on The ImpregNation has been posted in its entirety under the name 'Fertile Pussy Impregnation Pregnant Belly'. Since the preview made for it was so well done in the last post about it, I will simply say watching the whole thing is well worth your time if you are cruising around on Lelu Love's site. And while you're at it, check out some of the other creamy videos posted last month like these:

POV Cheating Revenge Sex Tape

      Never cheat on your girlfriend if she is a vengeful nymphomaniac! Lelu has been scorned by her boyfriend, and so she's taken it upon herself to make a little sex tape for him to watch during their breakup. Damian is more than willing to help the sexy woman enact her vengeance, and gladly fills her bare pussy up with a load of spunk.

POV Riding Impregnation Creampie

      It is Brandon's lucky day. Right out of the first date and already Lelu is horny enough to fuck - and not just fuck, but breed. No condom, no birth control, she easily convinces her date to 'be careful'. Pfft, that lasts long! Soon enough Lelu reveals her real motivation - to get knocked up on the first date. Judging from the load she takes, there won't be need for a second date to do the trick!

POV Feddom StrapOn BJ Creampie

      Mistress Lelu decides to have fun with her boytoy. Dressed as a schoolgirl and very naughty to boot, she commands her boy to play with her feet, put on her fuck-me heels, take an anal plug, lick her pussy, all with the threat of using her strap-on dildo against him if he doesn't comply. After using him like a squirting dildo to whitewash her pussy, she leaves him to clean up the mess.

Illustrated Interracial

      Still the same lineup of comics under development - truly very long pieces, three already having upwards of 70 or 80 panels already! The smaller work Back of the Bus is developing nicely as well and should be completed before the others. The pace has remained about the same, with two new panels appearing every 4-6 days, and the forum has been its regular quiet self.

      There has been talk of future projects which should prove interesting. The first is the desire of Fobbs to work on smaller pieces. The large-scale works over twenty panels long are a more recent occurrence, as Fobb's earlier works are on a smaller scale. Apparently Fobbs would like to work on a few of these smaller-scale stories once he clears his current workload some. Plus he is interested in making other interracial coupling stories, namely white guys with black girls. There are not many that exist right now on Illustrated Interracial, but it is an exciting thought to hopefully see some more in the near future!

The Caregiver

      And what better comic to show than one of those rare comics I just mentioned? The Caregiver is a regretfully short but interesting little story about Randy, a man who has been confined to a wheelchair since a car accident. He is assigned a caregiver named Carla, a lovely twenty-something black woman who is terribly sexy to boot. It helps that she rather takes a liking to Randy too, and right away they begin flirting with one another. When Carla sees Randy's huge cock, she simply has to have it!

      Alas, the story ends right at the peak of the action. Nevertheless it is a great little addition, and Fobbs certainly has a way of drawing Nubian temptresses. I for one am looking forward to seeing what sorts of storylines he comes up with and decides to take on with similar white-on-black themes. It will definitely be something to keep an eye out for!

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