The Taming of the Barbarian Princess

The Taming of the Barbarian Princess

I did this series a while ago, but never posted. Playing with a new Davo prop set I purchased.

Harrzah! The dreaded (& dread-knotted) barbarian princess from beyond the river Gorng has been subdued! The royal troops can now press onward, adding the rich valley beyond to the king's domain.
Yet to spur his troops on, the king must first convince them that the barbarian's greatest weapon, a terror which had kept the Gorng river an impassable barrier for decades, that the warrior princess is no demon; no goddess. That she is but a common helpless girl-child when handled by real men!
So the Barbarian Princess is cuffed and bond, stripped by knife, then chained into the King's favorite pillory garden. Although private, the king will let his mean pass through ... looking, but not touching.

Looking. Only looking, despite his troops having far better dreams for how to humiliate and humble the enemy.

Only looking, for rumor has it that she's a virgin. The king likes to hear such rumors. Yet the king being a realist ... and afraid of blood, so he likes his virgins stretched out a little bit first.

And so she hangs, little bells sounding if she struggles, which earn her a quick painful lash on the ass.

All night she hangs, proof that she is but a common wench, with two arms, two legs, and holes suitable for pounding by virile men.

The next day, after suitable private pounding by one man, the king, he shows off his new pet to his noblemen and councilors. Adorned in gems and gold chains, the whore seems delightfully harmless. Many node and smile, relieved that the barbarian menace has ended. Progress and expansion can begin.

That evening, the Barbarian Princess walks home. She manged to find a pair of comfortable boots to fit her ... nice boots. A good day! She also likes the sword and battle ax she was given by a few dead guards.

Plus what princess couldn't find use for excess gold and gems begging to be remade into more practical things?

Did the king let her go?

Let us just say that the king ... as do most mortal men ... underestimated our sweet young Barbarian Princess.

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix A4][Dryades hair][NoNane outfit][Primitive Bondage Kit (loads of fun with sticks!)][Davi Pichard World #1][Palace of Leaves]

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