Whats to Come in 2014 (Maybe)

So I thought I'd do up a sort of Mega Update and show off everything I'm working on at the moment.


There are currently 2 polls running on the left hand side of the blog and they're nearly over. The first is to decide which girl is your favorite. The winner of this poll will get an image set and the second poll lets you decide who the winning Girl will fuck in the set. There's still time to vote and even change your vote if some of the upcoming images change your mind.

Once these polls end a new one will go up asking out of the winner of the second poll which member of that category will be in the set. For example if "Monster" wins then the new poll will let you choose which monster it is that gets to be in the image set with the winning girl. If the "Girl" option wins then the second place girl from the first poll will be used.

The Locker Room:

This will most likely be my next image set. It features Jen and Craig in the Locker rooms. I could tell you what happens but I think you'll get the general idea from the previews bellow.


Phoebe vs the Hobgoblin:

 For the rest of these image sets I'm not sure of which order they will be released in, but I hope to get at least two of them done by the end of the year.

In this set Phoebe is searching for an ancient sword of unforeseen powers in a mysterious ruins. She believes she has finally found the sword of legend. However, It turns out to be a fake! It's really just a trap set up by a Horny Hobgoblin in order to capture gullible adventurers like Phoebe.


Turtle Power:

When April first catches one of her mutant turtle friends masturbating to a poster of a naked woman she is surprised to find that the turtles are attracted to humans. And when she gets a look at thick cock she comes up with a plan to help him release his pent up tension.


Lara's Swim:

After a hard day at work, Lara likes to take a nice refreshing swim at the local pool and show off her body in her ultra skimpy and revealing one piece "outfit". She doesn't question why no one else is at the pool when she arrives, but little does she know that something has moved in over night and it now lurks in the shadows at the bottom of the pool, waiting to get it's slimy hands on all the tits and ass it can grab.


More Black and White Featuring Sally:

As promised here are some more images from Sally's little mini set. I will continue with this on and off but I'm not sure how much time I'll have to work on it to be honest.


Upgrading my Models:

This is more of a technical upgrade than a visual upgrade so the only difference you should see by the end of it is a higher quality model. Basically I'm going to be  upgrading from Genesis/V5 to Genesis2/V6. My main reason behind this is that V5 is basically unsupported for what I need it for and V6 is becoming more and more popular so I believe it will be worth the time to transfer my characters over to this new model. One of the good things is that it will mean better gens for the girls so They'll have better looking pussies than they do now.

I'll be posting my progress in my affect3d thread here: http://affect3d.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=676

And I'll be posting some final renders here on the blog when I'm done.

Final Words:

I'd like to thank everyone for their support lately It's nice to get feedback on my work and ideas it really helps keep me motivated and interested in this line of work.

Please vote in all the polls, It's supposed to be a sort of fan chosen set so if you don't vote then you won't get a say in the final image set.

I'm not sure when My Next post will be but I'll upload the new poll and some images when the current ones finish so stay tuned for that. And if your have suggestions and feedback feel free to post them in the comments bellow.

Thanks again

~ Jimjim

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