Cow Poke? Poking Cows?

Well, it's off-season, and ya'll just never know where you'r gonna find Santa's vacationing elves! Look'e here. This one's cow-girl'n, but looks like she's taken offense at jests by some drunk cow-pokes ... something about a cow they wan'a poke. Fight'n words fer sure. I'll leave 'em to it.
(Sometime later ...)

Better check on things ... hmmph. Not really sur-prizen, I guess.
Look'e here, elf missy. When you're barely 4 foot tall, weight maybe 70 pounds ... when wet, best fight with ya winchester stead of your fists! Hmm, but prudy nice scenery you got there. Nice indeed. How may I help you, Ma'am?

(I was just playing around last night. This outfit didn't fit Aiko4 so well, and the panties looked like crap so I used Rhiannon's Cutoff Jeanz instead. They fit and pose extremely well. I've always liked the Primitive Bondage kit - the way the ropes and poles work by being split & pointing at each other is very clever ... other vendors aught to take note.]

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix A4][Cindy Short Hair][Calamity outfit][Cutoff Jeanz][Lisa-B dead & creepy plants][TerraDome][old Beach Pavilion][Daz Python and songbird][Primitive Bondage Kit]

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