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      Well, success in publishing comes from hard work, tenacity, and good luck, so I mustn’t get my hopes up too high with my initial foray into the eBook fray. Nevertheless I am going to celebrate the first glorious sale of Taboo Spring Break! Hopefully that generous person has come to enjoy this blog as well, so thanks to them lifting up my spirits I am going to make a nice movie post – it seems long overdue anyway.

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      Guys with long cocks have to try learning this trick! It’s a short clip of a pussy close-up fucking. Right before he starts you can easily see our hero is well endowed. Perhaps to his lady’s dismay - After just a few strokes you can see him literally fucking the diaphragm out of her tight pussy! He doesn’t stop, and after tossing it away just keeps fucking her unprotected pussy. While it ends before the action is over sadly, I can easily imagine he leaves quite the surprise deep inside his cute girlfriend. Whoops.

       A slightly better title to an otherwise title-less movie, this is just a really hot fucking in a kitchen. Professionally done with two beautiful people, they certainly get into one another. How else could they endure fucking each other on tiny counters and small tables like that? The uncomfortable positions adds to the sexiness in my eyes though – the desperation to fuck between these two is palpable! It would have been much better if he blasted his load deep inside her hot cunt, but alas we’ll have to hope for better next time these two get together.

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      Ahhh, more fake agent fuck scams… Our cute European heroine comes into the office curious about potentially starting a career in porn. Thinking she was just going to do an interview, she is caught off guard when our scammer tells her to strip, and enticed by money and potential fame she gives into his naughty advances. She is very lovely and cute, and I would feel bad for her getting her fertile pussy creamed if it wasn’t so hot! The way she tries to get away from his cumming cock is worth the watch just for itself alone.

      Well well, it isn’t all the time that you get the girl in a porno asking for a creampie! Our cute Abby asks very sweetly if our hero will come inside her pussy, and describes to the floored guy why she loves it. She certainly proves the idea turns her on, and the way she ‘assures’ him she is on the pill leads me to wonder otherwise… A very naughty thought! And when he does cum deep inside her, she takes the time to get off and orgasm right there. What better way to steal a guy’s virile sperm…?

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