Monster Poll(s) [Updated: 31/MAR/2014]

EDIT: 31/MAR/2014

Here's one last image! Happy voting!

EDIT: 30/MAR/2014

 Alright, so here are those comparison images I promised (almost a month ago) for the monster poll. Man these look so good and I wish I could just have Emily gang banged by them all but alas, I cannot even pose the models with this many in the scene! It's just an unworkable amount of Lag! That's why I couldn't fix the Giant's hand coming through the Kregan's arm. But it still is an awesome shot.

There's one more image coming that puts Emily right up next to the current top 3's cocks. (Giant, Alien and Kregan).

Also I've extended the vote by another week incase these new images change your mind and you wish to swap your vote!


EDIT: 24/MAR/2014

Haven't gotten round to that comparison yet but here's a horny Emily, hungrily eying out all her options, whilst the runner ups look on in disappointment. Who will you choose? 7 days to go!

(Click the image for higher res)


To celebrate the new Monster Poll I've gone ahead and rendered up some monster polls ;)

For better res click Here:

This should give you a good idea about the sizes of these monsters in comparison with each other. I'll post some more renders showing off the monsters in comparison to Emily later but for now the turtle-man and the zombie are about the same height as Emily.

Stay tuned for more a keep on voting!

~ Jimjim

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