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      Hello my fertile fellows! This is a very special Blog Post today, and an explanation of some exciting changes that will be happening for Impregnation Erotica.

      You may have noticed the brand-new custom banner at the top of the site – and if you haven’t yet, I highly encourage you to feast your eyes. It is a link to my newly created Smashwords profile, which I will be using to launch my eBook publishing work.

      Impregnation Erotica has existed for a good few years now, and that entire time it has been a labor of lust. Every movie, every story, and every picture I have collected here has been a result of my earnest desire to provide my fellow erotica lovers with the kind of resource I would hope for in my constant search for new and exciting topics, all free of charge. It has been a rewarding and engaging experience to say the least.

      Lately I have been venturing to turn my hobby into something more. Some of my viewers may remember the dinky ads that appeared on this site, a brief attempt to monetize which was almost immediately crushed by a change in Blogspot’s policy. Nothing of value was lost save a few pennies.

      But that was only a minor plan to turn a small profit from my lusty little blog. After that I was approached multiple times by ghostwriter recruiters who had seen my work, offering me small sums of money to sell the copyrights of my free works that literally thousands have enjoyed so they could sell them in bulk. Naturally I refused, despite my gradually dwindling funds begging for some kind of income.

      I have seen other blogs and sites that turn to donations to fund themselves. This opinion never appealed to me, because the only money I feel right receiving is the money I earn. Asking for money when I haven’t provided something of substance just wouldn’t sit well with me. Sure I make this blog which many seem to enjoy, but I didn’t think that was enough to earn my keep.

      The whole time I was thinking of how much I could earn if I tried self-publishing. Maybe those story ideas which the recruiters wished to coax from me were worth more in my hands, and that I could provide them to my fans at a far fairer price. Publishing wouldn’t be asking for a handout or compromising my weird pride either. But I didn’t know how to begin, and so I waited a long, long time.

      But very recently, facing few prospects for a non soul-sucking job and with rent payments looming, I’ve decided to do something about it. I’ve studied formatting, marketing, and design over the past few weeks, studied the success of my fellow authors, and organized my plans in order to give this whole publishing thing the best shot I’ve got.

      So without further adieu, I am very excited to announce the publishing of my first short story eBook !

      Taboo Spring Fling is a short story told from the perspective of Amanda during her fateful spring break. Not knowing where to go for her wild vacation, she decides to play it safe and head to Florida where her cousin lives. Relegating him to the role of emergency contact, she forgets about him entirely when she meets a charming man named Aaron. But in the midst of their naughty passions she discovers something between Aaron and herself that is so wrong, so sinful, that it can only be called Taboo…

      At 7,380 words and containing rough sex, risky inseminations, and accidental incest, Taboo Spring Fling is the kind of story that will stick in your mind for quite some time. For those who love mistaken identity leading to incestuous breeding, this is the story for you! And for less than the cost of a boring loaf of bread you can watch Amanda’s naughty little adventure unfold in all its deliciousness wrongness!

      This is the first in an initial line of stories I am currently working on to begin populating my Premium Collection. For those worrying about my free stories, do not fear! As I have said before, my free stories are things I am extremely proud of and intend to continue writing. What better form of marketing is there than full examples of my work?

      And what does this change mean for the future of Impregnation Erotica? To me, Impregnation Erotica is the ultimate platform from which I am able to grow my fanbase. Without this blog or my free stories, I doubt anyone would even know that I was beginning to publish. And the better I can make my blog by providing more content found and created, the more successful my publishing career will become! And likewise the more successful my publishing becomes, the more time and effort I can put into this blog for everyone to enjoy.

      So if you wish to support a poor author with his rent and help launch his career with a bang – and get a big bang for your buck – please check out my Smashwords profile and consider purchasing my story. And tell your kinky friends about it! If I can make just a little under two hundred sales, I can meet my first goal of proving I can indeed pay the rent with this kind of work.

      It is a lofty goal that, with the help of my earnest viewers and luck on my side, you can help me achieve. And your reward will be more sexy pictures, more tantalizing movies, more saucy tales of debauchery, and of course your very own copy of one of my works you cannot find anywhere else online.

      In short, your pleasure is my gain. Thank you all for visiting and making my humble blog as successful as it is, and I hope the launch of my professional writing career will be just as successful and fruitful.

Webmaster of Impregnation Erotica

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