Sponsored Sites Update | February 2014

      Hello and welcome once again to another delightful Sponsored Sites Update! The repairs on my main computer should be completed in about a week or two, so I've been having to make due without my well-organized materials. More reason for me to backup my work and collections! Nevertheless I still have a bit to say about February for our esteemed sites.

      Lelu has been going strong, as when does she ever tire of acting out the fantasies of her dozens of admirers? In February she graciously assisted in The ImpregNation's Story Competition (hosted by yours truly) by sponsoring some nice week-membership passes for the winners, which will no doubt get even more admirers to her side! And as far as he films go we have a fair number of creamy inseminations this past month worth mentioning.

Forgotten Condom POV BJ Creampie
      After a perfect date comes the perfect night! Lelu has been keeping a condom handy all night, anticipating her new lover to finish the night without knocking her up. She takes it out and keeps it ready while sucking him off, but decides to give his cock a little taste of her bare pussy to start off with. But uh-oh! She gets so into the naughty bareback fucking she says fuck it to the condom and takes his fertile load deep inside instead!

Night Vision Suck Fuck By Roommate
      Every had that experience in college of having your roommate fucking late at night before a test? Kind of like this, only this is much more pleasant, and arousing! With a night-vision camera, Lelu and her lover try to keep quiet so as not to wake up their sleeping roommate. But despite them trying to keep the action under the covers, it isn't too long before Lelu is wailing for him to blast his cum deep inside her!

      Over at Illustrated Interracial, Fobbs has been busily cranking out the comics this past month. His newest comic Back of the Bus is nearing completion if it continues to follow the written storyline as closely as it has been, and will likely be wrapped up in the next month! No news yet on what might be filling up the gap in the meantime, but I have high hopes for work on some micro-comics and potentially continuations/completions of past works.

      As for his other longer works, there is no telling how long most will continue. Manza and Emptiness are works of Fobbs, and the details of how their storylines will progress (though progressing indeed they are) and for how long are a mystery. Flag Girls however could last forever considering how long the story it is based on continues, though the action therein may appeal to quite a few. Personally I'd love to see more emphasis on the shorter stories and completions of past works-in-progress, but that is merely my opinion. Perhaps I'll see what other's viewers opinions are on the sidebar...

The Wreck

      The Wreck is a relatively short and to-the-point story about a stilted wife named Lindsey. While waiting for her husband to come home from work, she happens across a videotape she'd never seen before. Curious she plays it, and discovers her doting husband has in fact been cheating on her - with a black guy! Betrayed and enraged she takes to the road, and veers into trouble. A blown-out tire sends her into a tree, and despite being knocked unconscious she is otherwise fine.

      The first one on the scene however is a black deputy police officer who takes the time to admire her fine white ass. When she comes to and catches him sneaking a peek up her skirt, Lindsey decides to get back at her husband right then. They fuck right in the wreckage, bareback and uninhibited, until Lindsey is begging for him to pump her white womb full of his African seed. But that isn't the end - she asks her new man to do her another favor.

      Her husband later on comes home to find a video waiting for him. When it watches it Lindsey is there to tell him she's found a new kind of man to fill the place her pathetic husband left behind. Doing things she's never done with his husband, she tells him she'll never fuck him again as the deputy lets every black inmate fuck her pale pussy raw. Surprisingly it ends on a happy note with everyone getting what they wanted, so that is nice in a way!
      Another fine addition to the Illustrated Interracial library. No overt showings of mentions to the fact that she's being bred with black sperm, but you do get to see her white womb getting pumped full a few times in this relatively short comic. Nevertheless we have other comics in the library for that, and hopefully far more incoming in the future!

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