Sponsored Sites Update | March 2014

      While the site has become dormant even in the news updates, I managed to speak a small bit with the WarmKiss team recently. A great deal has been happening behind the scenes I’ve been told, the least of which has been a recent move of their team to a new locale. Moving itself is no small feat, but that comes atop their reorganization and myriad of other challenges that unfortunately they can give little or no detail about. But if/when production begin anew, I have offered my services to assist in revamping and updating their site. If the promised superior content is even as good as their already wonderful library, then such an effort will be worth it.

      Here is a small news blurb I wrote on their behalf since no current news exists yet on the site itself. It is based on my correspondence with them and a paraphrase of what they told me:

      3-17-14 news... It has been awhile since the last news posting, but the WarmKiss staff is currently in the middle of moving. Soon we will be able to enjoy a new location, a new set, and new progress! Rest assured we have every intention of rebirthing the series in a very major way, and we are working daily behind the scenes to bring the series back to running as it should. More updates will come out once we are settled in. Stay tuned!

      Lelu has made quite a few unprotected creampie movies this month! Busy busy girl, and so much so I bet she had some lively sperm in her every day of March. It’s a nice thought for sure, and there is easy evidence for that hypothesis on her site as well as in the clips below.

      One can hardly get more straightforward a videothan this. Lelu wants to be fucked, and fucked she gets! The sexy woman cums more than a few times in this POV film, and our stud gets so carried away that his pull-out maneuver doesn’t quite get all of it onto her belly. Lelu will simply have to let his cum drip out and live with the consequences…

      When you get to a first-name and nickname basis with a prostitute, you should be pounding her pussy bare. But our hero is nervous about that, even while our slutty Lelu teases him about it. Halfway through their fucking however, she decides to take matters into her own hands – and his cream into her fertile pussy.
      Sometimes a girl has to let a guy down softly, and other times really really hard. A boy is crushing hard on a very domineering Lelu, and she can’t quite get through to him that she doesn’t feel the same. So her solution is to fuck his best friend and let him knock her up, all on film. Suffice it to say her kind cruelty pays off, and his best friend’s sperm are 100% successful in hunting down her off-limits egg. It ends with a follow-up showing Lelu’s very swollen tummy and a thank you to the lovestruck boy who made it all possible…

      The ship maintains its course in the land of exotic couplings and mixed breedings. Fobbs is nearing completion of Back of the Bus, which I predict will wrap up in the next posting in April, and his other works at Illustrated Interracial are updating at a steady pace. A new story entitled Coach has recently been revealed, and this will certainly be a great change of pace for those who want to see a small derivation from the standard interracial flings therein!

      Coach is the story of a black mother Mrs. Robinson trying to convince her son’s football coach to let him play despite his poor grades and ill-behavior. The coach lays it out rather flatly – Either her son will be disqualified from playing at the school and ruin his chances at getting scouted for any college team, or she will provide a little ‘incentive’ to change his mind. Reluctantly she agrees, and we all know what kind of deal the sexy Milf agrees to…

      I am excited about it personally. I’ve said many times that it would be awesome if there were more interracial pairings besides black males and white females, and the few comics that depicted this have been delightful! Glad to see that another is in production, and it will be very interesting to see how Fobb’s evolving style will turn up the heat in this fertile tale.

Son’s Hot Little Blond

      This is a much earlier work of Fobb’s that follows Susan, a hot blond girl who is more than just a cute girlfriend. Dating a black boy is one thing this kinky girl loves, but when she discovers her bpyfriend's dad perving on, she gets an even kinkier thought in mind.

      Susan lays the seduction thick on the old man, teasing him about his love of white women, and eventually offers herself up to him. Though timid at first, not even that old man could say no to a sexy thing like Susan. Surprisingly he is far more endowed than his own son, and Susan gets easily hooked. Unlike with her boyfriend who must wear a condom when they fuck, his dad gets to fuck her tight white pussy raw. He fills her pretty pink womb to the brim with his black seed, and the comic concludes by saying Susan couldn’t get enough of becoming a fucktoy to the father and son. It wouldn’t be a big surprise who would be the lucky man to knock her fertile pussy up either…

      Who knows if this comic would get a new iteration in the future? It does end with a hint at continuing sometime, and honestly it wouldn’t be a bad storyline to continue. Just how long would it be before our naughty blond got discovered fucking on the side by her boyfriend? And better yet, how long would he believe her swelling baby bump was due to a broken condom instead of his own father dousing her uterus with spunk? I haven’t seen another work on Illustrated Interracial yet that involves a white girl cheating on her black boyfriend, so this one is unique in that regard. Check it out if you are interested!

      This sponsor update is also special thanks to the newest addition to these monthly mentions. The sexy and talented Brittany joined The ImpregNation a few months ago, and her constant enthusiasm on the topic of impregnation has led to the creation of dozens of hot dirty-talking fantasies on her video site. Not being constrained to any one fetish, as she has a huge library with everything from assplay to yoga pants, impregnation still holds a particular place in her heart… and her pussy.

      Recently she decided to make a film based on a storyline suggestion of mine, and from that plus her devotion to fecund fantasies I decided to approach her with an offer of sponsorship. Not only did she agree, but jumped at the chance! And to make these postings even more interesting, Brittany is offering to make user suggestions here into films themselves. Once a month she will pick one of the impregnation-themed plot suggestions left in this thread and make it into a short film. Imagine a sexy dirty-talking girl eager to strip and is very good at swelling up her tummy on command, and there you have Brittany!

      This is a preview for that recent video that quickly created on her behalf.
      She even wrote up a little message for all of my breeding fans here on Impregnation Erotica, which you can read below:

      My name is Brittany and I am a full-time naughty girl. I currently cover over 100 fetishes and counting, but one of my favorites to cover is the Impregnation Fantasy as it is a personal fetish of mine. The thought of unprotected sex is a thrill I just LOVE!

      I try and do a few Impregnation Fantasy videos each month and now wish to make some fan dreams come true. Please let me know what kind of Impregnation Fantasy video you’d like to see me produce and each month I’ll choose one winner and make that fantasy video a reality!

      Stay horny and unprotected!!



      So I say give Brittany a warm welcome to the blog, and both she and I look forward to seeing what kinds of naughty storylines you all can come up with for her. Be you anonymous or not, make sure you comment in this thread for your storylines to be counted.They certainly will be considered.

      And as always be sure to check out all the sites that I choose to sponsor – they are among the few places you can find earnest and legitimate interest in sexy impregnation topics. Thank you for supporting my blog and my work with your viewership and participation, and I hope you enjoy!


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