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      Well, it has been an exciting time for me over the past few days working on establishing my small publishing enterprise. In my focus on hand-crafting a cover, formatting the whole work, setting up prices, and advertising the whole plan, I forgot the most important part: Previews of current and upcoming works!

      So first I want to talk a little about two stories in development right now that I hope to have in the Premium Catalogue soon, and then give all my viewers a juicy preview of Taboo Spring Fling not available anywhere else. My viewers deserve that after all.

      Alright, what do I have in development right now? Though only working titles, they do say a fair bit about the content of them: The first is Beach Party Rape, and the second is Primal Ritual Breeding.

      Beach Party Rape follows the cocktease Tami on her naughty and cruel tricks played on clueless boys at a college beach party. Despite her skill and sexual cunning, she soon meets a man who will prove far more dangerous than she ever imagined. Unable to resist the challenge our heroine is drugged, kidnapped, and raped by her latest target, but that is far from the end of her just deserts this man has in store for her... Containing themes of cockteasing, drugging, rape, and unprotected gangbanging, this is certainly a harder story for those who enjoy the non-consensual genre and would enjoy reading about a slut getting ‘what’s coming to her’.

      That story is my current major project, and the one to follow I’ll call Primal Ritual Breeding for now. Inspired from a delightful conversation I recently had about uncivilized humanity and hot sex, I had a vision of an ancient ritual between a man and a woman about to fulfill their deepest desires and animal instincts. Conducting an ancient fertility ritual with body painting, dance, and sacrifice, the pair evoke the primal gods to possess them and transform their human lusts into a divine frenzy. A tribal setting with body painting, sexy dancing, spiritual language, impregnation, and primal breeding, this story certainly will be fun to write and moreso for my audience to read.

      An estimate on how quickly I will complete these types of works is something I have to discover. Since I am working for profit on these, and those are profits I desperately need right now, I know they will be completed faster than my usual slow-drip works. Preferably I will complete the writing and editing of Beach Party Rape within a week as of now and work immediately on Primal Ritual Breeding after that. Those are just estimates however...

      What I do know right now is that Taboo Spring Fling has been published, and below is an excerpt from the meat of the sexy action. Though there is a preview option in Smashwords to show readers the first 20% of the story, the great parts are the following 80% in my opinion! So it is only fair in my mind to show off what you’d be buying the book for here in my blog dedicated to such naughty topics, and this peek is exclusive to the viewers of my blog.

Taboo Spring Fling Preview

      This wasn't his first time licking a girl. All I could do was arch and moan as he lapped my horny slit, making sure to taste every fold and petal of my sex. I know I said or moaned some things, but my head got wrapped in such a daze that I hardly remember any of it. My fists clenched the bedsheets as my whole body tensed, dragged inch by inch to the edge of climax by his relentless assault. When he probed and pushed two fingers into me, I knew he was going to make me cum.

      "Ooooh, Aaron..." I moaned. He couldn't answer with his mouth pressed firmly against my clit, but he hummed instead. The deep-voiced vibrations really set me off. My hips bucked on their own as he held me down and gave my naughty pussy a tongue-lashing, and I wailed his name even louder.

      "Aaron! Oh fuuuck, I'm gonna cummm!!" My voice quavered as he pushed his tongue into my wet hole, lapping up the juices from my desperate pussy, "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum - I'm gonna cum, Aaron!" My thighs clamped around his head and I twisted my fingers into his wavy brown hair. The way his stubble tickled my sensitive skin, his fingers pumping my pussy down to the knuckles, and the eagerness of his loud suckling and smacking overwhelmed me. With a cry I came, pushing him hard against my spasming pussy as my cum doused his face.

      "That's right, I knew you'd be tasty," I heard him speak inches from my pussy as he unzipped his pants. I felt like I had run a mile I came so hard, and lying back all I could do was catch my breath. Between my splayed legs he peeled off his shirt and kicked his pants aside, boxers and all. God, I couldn't stop looking at his toned body as he stroked his cock to life just inches above my wet pussy.

      "Fuck me," I whispered, eyes darting between his narrowed eyes and his throbbing cock, "God, you're so hot Aaron... I'm so horny still."

      "Mmmm, I know," He licked my juices from his lips and rubbed my hot slit with his free hand, "You safe to take my bare cock, Amanda?"

      Shit, I forgot a condom. I hadn't taken a pill since high school, and my boyfriends always had them on hand. Not just that, but I wasn't exactly in the safest part of my cycle. In fact, it was the absolute worst time to fool around bareback. There wasn't a condom in sight, and I would die if I had to wait much longer. I hesitated, trapped between being responsible and Aaron's stroking his amazing manhood. I made up my mind, and tried to sound convincing.

      "Y-yeah, I'm pretty safe..." I watched precum drool down his veined shaft and knew it would get me in trouble if I let it, "Umm, but just to be safer, can you pull out too? You can cum anywhere..." Images of him spurting a creamy load all over my body flashed through my mind, and I licked my lips nervously.

      "I'll do my best, though with this pussy I can't make any promises..." He slapped his hard member against my snatch and my hips bucked to attention. I giggled sheepishly, my body showing just how fucking ready I was. He definitely got the message, and the silly smile I gave him as he led his thick member to my honeypot melted away the moment I felt his cockhead stretching my tight entrance...

      Read more at its Smashwords page below, and consider purchasing and rating the full story. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and it only gets hotter from here, I promise!

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