Two new Monsters! Emily wins the poll!

Hey, So while I haven't had too much time for rendering lately with work starting up again I'll still be committed to getting this Fan voted set done as soon as possible. First of all Emily has won the Popularity poll so expect some new images in the next two days to see her and runner ups Sydney (2nd) and Lara (3rd), some monsters and other stuff.

It looks like the "Monster" option will win the vote so you can expect to see a new vote when that one ends asking you which monster you want to be in the set. You can choose from any of the Monsters on my roster under the "Monsters" tab up the top. Whether or not multiple monsters will be in the set will be decided later.

In light of the monsters pretty much wining the vote, I created two new and more unique monsters The Alien and The Kregan. I could explain what they are good at but you can probably guess.

Here they are:

Alien:                                                                                         Kregan:

I hope you like the new options. Which one would you like to see Emily with? What other monsters would you like to see? If it's possible I'll see what I can do.

Thanks and stay tuned


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