Week 9 - Focus on: Maxine

A new week means a new focus, this time dedicated to Maxine, having some trouble in the locker room ^^.
As you notice a new girl is came: Chloe is her name.

Btw after more than a year i'm gonna reaching the million pageviews, woaw! Thanks for keeping viewing my site, supporting my work by buying my 2 sets (i was surprised to see i continue to sell both of them ^^).
A project is on going: making a 3DX comix, i've found the writer, we are on the state to build the background & then we will be ready for the comic (me for the rendering, the writer on the writing part ^^).I will give you more info when it will be more advance. 
I will try to get better result on the render quality, poses, etc! A real important point for me. Currently i have to work on materials like metals, cloths, woods, etc i'm not at all satisfy!

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