Alpha Readers Wanted

      My adventures into self-publishing continue, and with new explorations come new necessities. Pleasing my readers through excellent storytelling is certainly my top priority. Quality doesn’t just appear in a vacuum though, so I have decided to begin looking for volunteer alpha readers for my premium stories.

      First though, an update on my current writing. Tami’s Last Tease, the new name for Beach Party Rape, has been edited once and now awaits a beta-reading before publishing sometime next week. Right now the non-consensual tale stands at a little over 9,000 words, with bareback drugged sex being just the beginning of the bitchy cocktease Tami’s woes. I have also have a preliminary cover page nearly complete to accompany the story’s release.

      So with Tami’s Last Tease to be released very soon, I have to begin work on my next saucy tale. Work on the prehistoric breeding story is well underway, and it should come swifter than the longer-than-anticipated Tami story. I also have plans to release Tara’s Breeding on Smashwords for free once I can create a proper cover picture for it. Since that has been by far my most read story thus far, it deserves a little wider publication.

      Back to point, why do I want alpha readers? Like my love for feedback on this blog, I very much enjoy receiving constructive criticism on my work. Outside eyes can spot mistakes, convey emotional impact, and tell me whether or not my characters and descriptions are working. Though I do not implement all of the proposed changes, my stories have always been improved from an outside reader’s thoughts.

      Sadly though, I do not have a large pool of alpha readers to call on. Great alpha readers would be literate individuals who enjoy the risky sex genre and are willing to provide honest and constructive feedback so the story might improve in its revision. Obviously my blog readers have an interest in what kinds of topics I enjoy, and if you are reading this you are indeed literate. All that leaves is a willing eagerness to provide feedback for draft-level stories in return for the free completed works.

The Proposal

      For those interested in becoming my premium story alpha readers, I will provide early-draft access and a free copy of completed works given these conditions:

1) You send a valid email address along with what genres really interest you (like NC, incest, non-human, etc…) and why I should pick you as an alpha reader to
2) Once you have read the story draft I send to your email, you return detailed feedback via email concerning:
Story/Plot/Character Impressions
Favorite Parts (and Least Favorite if applicable)
Technical Errors (Spelling, Grammar)
Other Suggestions For Improvement

3) You give an honest rating to the completed story when you receive it on the sales page.

      This is a mutualistic relationship: In return for free premium stories, my alpha readers provide constructive feedback and honest ratings for my stories. I benefit from a greater product and more sales, and you benefit from receiving the fruits of my most fruitful labor free of charge!

      Of course I expect good feedback and participation from my alpha readers. I will pick those who have an affinity towards the genre of my upcoming works and who are most helpful and prompt in their feedback, and those who do not provide good feedback won’t stay on the list for long. Those who are honest, detailed, and prompt will find themselves with free copies of my premium works quite frequently.

      All in all, I look forward to seeing your applications! A chance to receive porn for free always is an exciting prospect for me, and I hope many of you will think the same.

Other News
      I recently received an interesting request from JWTies, owner of Taboo Diaries and maker of many an incest-themed risky sex video. His most recent project is entitled ‘Please Papi’, starring the very nubile and lovely Jessi Grey. Jessi is rather special, not just for her petite and fuckable body and pretty smile, but also because she survived a four-year battle with brain cancer.

      To say that was rough is an understatement, and I am such a big softy when it comes to cute girls in such dire straits. And now this tough cutie is getting into erotic film, and I doubt she could have started with a nicer company than JWTies. He makes it a personal mission to make sure his actresses are comfortable and enjoy themselves, and damn does Jessi deserve to have some fun after enduring that hell.

      The film is lightly based on her unique story, with her character uncertain of her future prospects and finding comfort in her Papi’s arms. What starts as a want for simple reassurance turns carnal, and they have a bareback romp that very well could be her last. But it is not, for the procedure goes well and our Jessi survives, as well as her desire to continue playing kinky with her dear father. Protection is pretty much forgotten, and it’ll only be a matter of time before she recovers enough to put her daddy’s seed to good use…

      Anyway, you can read the story at the JWTies Productions Blog and view/purchase the film in the Taboo Diaries video library under the name 'Please Papi'. Enjoy! And I wish adorable Jessi the best in her no doubt fruitful enterprise!

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