Hard Currency Reserves

People seem to think of Santa as some magic dude who makes toys for free ... well, for the most part he does (or rather his ELVES do!) However, Santa does need a modest injection of hard currency each year. So each year, Santa sends out some elves during off-season to earn cold hard cash.

One such earner, Elf Mati, found herself in Palm Springs, working at a fancy exclusive "Country Club". She had worried that the humans would be unfriendly ... she not have worried. The golfers - all boy-humans - turned out to be very friendly! They all wanted her to come to their table, where they used their ... err, "Hello Stick" ... to greet her. It was an odd ritual; an odd way to say hello. Certainly boy-elves did not say Hello to girl-elves this way.

At first the size of their Hello-Sticks worried her, but soon she began to really enjoy the Hello greeting. Plus bartender Big Joe watched out for Mati, making sure any customers who "said hello" to her paid her a large tip ... which Big Joe collected for her. Every boy-human wishing to say "Hello" to Elf Mati needed to give Big Joe the cash ... the Hard Currency her dear Santa required.

The amount of Hard Currency she collected for Santa was amazingly large ... Elf Mati hoped Santa was pleased with her collections.

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix for A4][Classic Rolled Hair][Erogenesis body tweaks][Casino Girl Outfit][Adorned in Pearls Jewellery][Bar Interior Scene][Shaw for M4 and Casual Wear]

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