It's been a few days and I figured I'd let you all know what I'm doing, I have 2 more requests I believe for titswiggle, which are to do with YmomY Response to Jen when she joined my girls, and also going to start of the next comic.

Now I did say I was going to get issue 15 started, but I'm going to put that a side for the moment and do something else, now back when I introduced Cat into the comics which was issue 12 I was having trouble with introducing her, so at the time YmomY was helping me with the story, I eventual figured it out and posted it, but only a few hours later YmomY actually present me with an origin story for Cat, so I've decided to do a spotlight on Cat, and showing how she became the ghost fucking necromancer she is, so keep an eye out for that in the future.

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