Project: New comic "Mon journal intime" - update 27/04/2014


Some new update about my project: i've started to render scenes, almost 30 has been done! There's no date release currently don't know how many renders i will do for this set. 
As said before the story will focus Elfy in her high school experiences, there will not only her which will have some fun some other girls will be in the game. Nothing defines on which girl i will add only Kaya as her bestfriend & high probality Echo will be there to. I plan to add a new girl, my 1st genesis 2 girl see below :).

Here's my finished scenes the street & the fitness room, some change has been done between these scene & what i've rendered:

As above i wanted to play with Genesis 2 but never got the time & the poor library of Genesis 2 & the lack of compatibility for V4 stuff to G2 in Poser has never convinced me to use it. Btw i took the time to see how G2 is, in some way Genesis 2 is very nice in some other i really prefer V4 ^^.
Anyway here she is tell me what you think about her:

Want a gift ? Here we go, a scene which will be included in the coming set

Need your help about finding a human name for Elfy! Do not hesitate tell me your proposals.
Almost 400 votes for the poll, thanks so much! It gives me a better view. Nalah, Spencer, Evelyn & Kaylee seems your top favs.

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