Sites to Check Out #9

      Ahh, the toils of making proper time-estimations. On the story front, the great news is that the first draft is complete and edited, and now awaits a few reviews and polishing before it will be published in my Premium Collection. The bad news is that despite my enthusiastic prediction of about one-week, it has been nearly two and a half weeks to get to this point, and will take another half a week before completion most likely. In the future my personal lesson is to take any estimate I make and triple the time to come up with a decent prediction to report!

      But I needn't predict another Sites to Check Out thread this time. I have found a few nice ones that will undoubtedly interest many of my pregnancy porn lovers, as well as found a few fellow breeders who are busily adding their own fertile fantasies to the breeding porn pool.

      The original Impregnorium was really formative for me. I discovered it many years ago, and there my interests in impregnation and erotic pregnancy took off. Run by Dan and Sally, an Australian married couple who had a particular love of raw inseminations and babymaking, the Impregnorium hosted novel story competitions, a lively forum, and of course a rich story collection. Truly a paradise for my young and horny mind…

      To summarize its history somewhat, Dan and Sally handed over the site to a new owner named Duality after some years, and subsequently that owner handed the reins over to a private pornstar named Holly. Thereupon I, your magnificent webmaster and fertility enthusiast, rediscovered the place and attempted to revive the golden age – right before a chaotic and strange series of events shut the place down for good a few years ago. In its stead the Impregnorium’s spiritual successor The ImpregNation took up the mantel and has held it ever since.

      Well, perhaps some viewers will remember the place with me, but familiar and un-familiar can still enjoy the most important fragment of Impregnorium today. Despite the rest of the site closing down, the stories can be found hosted by asstr in their original format. I mentioned some of its sultry breeding stories in the last Sites to Check Out thread, and it is only fair that I reveal the source for all to enjoy!

      FaithfulHussy contacted me recently on my blog (an event marked by much celebration and typing to be certain) with questions about blog-making and site revenue. While I certainly am no expert on the matter – else I would not be worried about rent or food – I did find her tumblr filled with cream-stuffed pussies and inseminated wombs to be extremely promising.

      FaithfulHussy’s interests fall basically in line with mine, including but certainly not limited to force impregnation, fertile gangbangs, lactation, pregnant fucking, birthing, and so on. No wonder she stumbled onto this blog! So you can expect to see lots of the same cunt-pumping and womb-seeding action you might see on Impregnation Erotica. Check it out sometime!

      For those of you looking for vast collections of sexy pregnant bellies of all shapes and sizes, this is the place for you. Much like the pregnant ReddPics  section before a strange coalition of people replaced the sexy images with ‘pregnancy acceptance’ garbage, this site has lots of pregnant photos to cruise through. Many are rather high-quality, and no doubt you will find familiar photos discovered from other parts of the internet on there too.

      As a side-note on the ReddPics matter, I don’t understand what happened there. It makes no sense to me that the beautiful erotic collections there would be thrown out and an over-sensitive community group take its place. The section is still under the ‘Not Safe For Work’ category even for god’s sake! The internet is hardly reasonable, so it should come only as a mild surprise…

      I do not use Reddit – other anonymous message boards strike my fancy far more. However, there was a thriving section there that ought to be rebuilt. I do not know how to start a new section on ReddPics, but if/when I discover it I’ll try to remake that section as it should be. I know that certain other message boards would never censor like that… mmmm….

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