Tami's Last Tease | Published Premium Story

      It has been a longer development than I anticipated by far, but finally after hours of writing and even more in editing, my latest premium story has finally been published!

      Tami's Last Tease follows the story of Tami Anderson, a college girl obsessed with cockteasing. Confident in her abilities to charm any man into drooling for her, Tami bites off more than she can chew on Spring Break. Through a single spiked drink, Tami finds herself at the mercy of an evil older man - and the lusts of every boy she tempted that night...

      At nearly 10,000 words, this story contains themes of cockteasing, drugging, hard non-consent, unprotected sex, bukkake, and fertile gangbanging. Whether you enjoy the making of a desperate cumslut or the cruel impregnation of a deserving bitch, Tami's Last Tease is not to be missed! A small morsel from the meat of the action follows below:

      “Nooo, I won’t cum  for you – Ohhh!” The knot in her belly wouldn’t loosen. Her lungs constricted and her body began to tremble, teetering on the edge of oblivion. Her mind demanded, but her body had no shame. Her pussy tightened, prepared to gush for her unwanted mate.

      “Not yet, slut.” Seth pulled out so fast Tami cried out. Her stretched pussy refused to let go. She felt gutted. He slapped her clit with his turgid meat, the impacts shuddering through her whole body and making her dissatisfied belly twinge. Desire drowned out any relief she had, and her knot refused to come undone.

      “Are... you done?” Tami asked.

      “Hardly,” He flipped her hard onto her belly, “You don’t get to cum until I knock you up.”

      “Knock up!? Oh god no!” The words echoed in Tami’s ears. He was on her before she could hope to crawl away. He caught the angle of her hips and pulled her back. When he found her still-gaping hole, he buried his naked member without hesitation.

      This position was even worse for Tami. Every downward stroke ran his veined shaft aground on her g-spot, the pressure overwhelming her belly’s overstrung knot. It wouldn’t snap. The pause in his fucking ruined her orgasm, but now it built beyond her limits, torturing her as her body refused to cum until he filled her up.

      And as a treat to reward my blog followers, I am offering a limited-time discount. Instead of paying $2.99, users who put in the coupon code VJ25G will get the story for one-third the price. This code will only be valid until April 25th, so be sure to redeem your copy fast! 


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