When Life Hands You Lemons ...

Mati returns 'home' after a hard day's shift down at the Planetary Customs Bureau. It's not really home, because she (like most single workers) share the room with 1 or 2 people on other shifts ... plus there's the damn ladder. Seven floors of women climb up and down this ladder ... through her home, just as she climbs through the three floors of other people's room. It stinks, but it's cheap.
Ah, no ... it really stinks; her two room mates are pigs. Or rather one is a pig, and the second gal refuses to do anything the pig doesn't do. Mati tries her best to keep the place livable, despite the fact she only 'owns' the room for 10 PSD hours per 30 hour day, and for only 7 of those hours is the ladder access cut off to give her privacy.

Still, she can smile and never even dream of complaining, because she has a secret. A secret neither of her pig-let room-sharers knows. In fact, a secret her boss would surely like to know (as would the police). Since their building is on the way "down", much of the room's automation is broken: The clothes streamer? Busted. The beverage brewer/food warmer? Busted. All the management keeps working is the vid-screen (on the wall) and toilet/bath (under the mattress).

Yet Mati thought to tinker, so she opened the deep recesses of the busted food machine ... and discovered a Borinimum neural probe. Very illegal - as one who worked at the Customs Bureau would know! Seems this room had been used previously by a Borinimum, or someone who traded with them. Why is it illegal? Because it can be addictive and even "mind blowing" if misused. Mati enjoys seeing just how close to blowing her mind she can push it. Afterwards, sleep is good and solid.

(Actually, this is the first render-set done on my new 8-core AMD FX 4Ghz, 16GB RAM, SSD, Win 8.1. Is it faster? Hard to say. This image has a lot of reflections, but it is certainly not any slower! I figured my 'old' i7 4-core is nearly 4 years old, worthy of a change.)

Credits: [PP14 & GIMP][Matilda/Akemi/Nadie mix for A4][SD3 Q Hair][Erogenesis body tweaks][Attitude Jewellery/spikes][AS Lemonade Outfit][Davo ZMech Probe][Sm SciFi Bedroom]

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