1 000 000 !!!!

Hey there!

Few things to talk about today ^^:

First, 1 000 000 pageviews reached !!! Woaw ! Thanks so much didn't expect to reach this stats in a bit more than a year, 55 members also. It's means a lot for me, i didn't thought that my "art" could be so popular (not much as some famous 3D/3DX artists but still ^^). Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!

Second thing, as i see Nalah & Spencer are your top fav (except Elfy) followed by Evelyn & Kaylee. For Nalah i don't know if i used her much, as i said earlier some difficulty with her (any idea why, i like her, love her face & shape, the pure white skin but ... ^^). 'Bout Spencer, Evelyn & Kaylee this could give me some idea. 
I've thought on a comic idea which focus on a assassin guy with all of his torrid adventures & not ;).

Btw the last thing is about my little blond girl, Elle, i've made some improvements. 
Skin shader react like i want now, i've reshape a bit her especially on the leg parts.
What more to say ? She's how i imagine a "perfect" & hot body :), isn't it.

(In fact there was 4 points ^^) Elfy will be called Eve Russel for her human side, seems people seen in her the original sin in her ^^.

The comic story progress i'm starting the "2nd" part (in fact the 1st but i've with another scene), there will be the 3rd part & probably stop for now, there will be approximately 100-150 renders in this set.


A little bonus :)

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