Sponsored Sites Update | April 2014

      Another month, another Sponsored Sites Update! I haven’t heard yet from Brittany at Sexy Fantasies (mentioned in the last Sponsored Sites Update), and sadly we did not have any suggestions for a movie… As far as I know her offer still stands, and she certainly is cranking out the impregnation fantasy videos left and right. On top of that, she recently had a boob job, and the results are very lovely indeed. When an update comes from her I will be certain to mention it!

      Again, not much to report here. Apparently the latest delay has been caused by an alarming technical failure in the land of bare creampies and fertile lovemaking. Their server went down, so now even their library is largely non-functional. Eventually they will repair it I am sure, and hopefully finally have their new productions up and running.

      In truth, I think any content updates from articles to simple behind-the-scenes documentaries would be spectacular - if even just showing us what trials and tribulations the WarmKiss team has endured would be reassuring indeed. In short, there is nothing else to report as of yet.

      However, I should mention that I have offered my services to their team. What I would want to do is become the site designer and editor, in short writing and editing descriptions and articles and performing an overhaul on the site layout to make it far more accessible for everyone. The WarmKiss team sounded enthusiastic at the proposal, so we will see what comes of that. I hope something – I certainly could use the income!

      I think that over the past few months, a fair number of impregnation lovers have been sending their ideas to Lelu. Every month there has been at least two or three movies that are either unprotected creampies or impregnating sex, let alone all the other times we get to see Lelu take a hot load in her pussy. And the month of April was no different!

      In this bottom-up perspective movie, our lovely Lelu takes her time in teasing her man. Never quite going all the way down, she lets just the tip of his member into her tightness for a few strokes before standing up and showing off again. Bit by bit you can see how turned on she gets from the way her pussy moistens and shimmers, and in the end she milks out a huge load into her teasing cunt.
      Chris is a lucky man. He’s met up with a sexy married woman who is most assuredly fertile, and she's looking to get knocked up. Turns out her husband wanted to impregnate her the weekend before, but she lied and told him she was fertile then. In truth, she’s fertile now, and only for her adulterous lover. And failure is not an option – her husband expects a bun in her oven, and she’ll make sure there is one. Just not his…

      The day after I made my prediction about Fobbs finishing his Back of the Bus comic, he did. Well, those of you that check out the site from time to time would have seen that too, so I have been eager to give the completed comic a proper synopsis and review all month. In the meantime the artist at Illustrated Interracial has been working on his plate of works - now consisting of Manza, Flag Girls, Emptiness, and Coach.

Back of the Bus

      This is the story of Laura Dean, a devoted and high-class wife who rides the bus piloted by Maruc Bloom, a black man who has had his eye on her from day one. When Laura’s husband sends her out wearing a skimpy green dress, Marcus can’t help but oogle her – exactly as Mr. Dean wanted. Behind Laura’s back, Mr. Dean gives Marcus exactly what he needs to blackmail the innocent wife into whatever depravity he likes. Recruiting his uncle and cousin to get in on the action, Laura has no choice but to sit in the back of the bus and surrender herself to their dark lusts…
      The story that formed the basis of this comic can be found for free on the Illustrated Interracial forum under the stories, written by the user Jason. Unfortunately there isn’t a direct link to it readily available, but I believe in the searching powers of my audience.

      It is a short and sweet comic just shy of 20 pages, and had some pretty great moments in it. If you like a very demur wife being coerced first into dressing slutty and then becoming a slut for three strangers, this is quite the little comic! And it makes such a nice addition to my reviews here for the fact that after taking three men’s spunk, Laura does get knocked up in the end.

      Overall a great addition to the growing library at Illustrated Interracial, and one that is a nice read for those into white wives getting bred black.

Heavy Cummers

      This is a pretty short comic that Fobbs completed a few years ago. Heavy Cummers is the story of Ashley, a receptionist working under her lawyer boss Mr. Crowley. Though married, Ashley could be called something of a tease. She would always come into the office wearing short skirts and revealing blouses, in part because she loved how Mr. Crowley stared at her when she did. One day while alone with Ashley, Mr. Crowley asks her if she had ever been with a black man. No doubt curious yet trying to be loyal, Ashley is tempted into stripping for her African boss, and giving him a blowjob that ends in a literal flood of negro sperm down her throat.

      This comic is ten pages including the cover, so it is rather short. And though it involves only a blowjob, it has such wonderful potential for more. An office fling like that wouldn’t end with just one encounter but many, and the question would become not when the fling would end, but her marriage. I would love to see more on this comic, and perhaps to see lovely Ashley getting knocked up on her boss’s desk like she deserves.

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