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"If you don't like the idea of me being home late again, you can always come along and help me." said Mary with a pout.

"You must be kidding!" I responded to my wife, "I'm completely wiped out by the time I finish work, the last thing I want to do is to start helping you with your trade fair exhibition!"

We continued our breakfast in comparative silence; the only words spoken being curt requests to pass the coffee or sugar. This was typical of my wife to spring this on me at the last minute. Apart from anything, I had a busy schedule today with meetings backed right up to 6pm. All I wanted to do later was to eat my dinner and fall asleep in front of the TV. The early meal finished, there followed a quick peck of a kiss as we headed for our respective cars for the arduous journey into work.

As I negotiated the traffic on my way to the office, I half listened to the radio and half thought about how unreasonable I believed Mary had become recently. Since starting her own business six months ago, all she seemed to do was work. Her time at home had become less and less and our sex life was now practically non-existent. The trade exhibition that she was currently involved in was just the icing on the cake! I was certainly feeling more than a little left out, and the fact that we hadn't had sex in over a month was not helping at all.

The day passed slowly. The meetings were boring and did nothing to help lift my sombre mood. I was working on a report alone in my office at 4pm when I heard a knock on my door. Daniel, my secretary, strode in.

"Mr. Cooper. Your 4:30 has just telephoned to cancel, I'm afraid. He wants to re-schedule for later in the week if that's ok? I checked your diary and you can do Thursday at 10:00 - Shall I organise that for you?"

I looked up and smiled at Daniel. "Sure Danni, that's fine." I watched as she turned to leave. Danni was only twenty three but extremely efficient. She also possessed a killer body and did little to conceal it. Today's attire was no exception; the short black mini skirt was hardly suitable for the office, but as it afforded my a great view of her long tanned legs and a hint at her tight little butt, so I didn't really have the heart to tell her not to wear it again!

The blouse was white silk and almost transparent and those wonderful firm tits encased in a half cut bra, bounced and swayed tantalisingly as she walked. Every time I saw her, these days, I seemed to get an erection. Trying to get the vision of Danni's boobs out of my mind for a moment, I realised that, without my last meeting, I would be able to get away early. I briefly toyed with the idea of asking Danni if she would like to join me for a drink, but then thought better of it. What the hell would she want to be seen out with an old fart like me for? Anyway, I rationalized, If I could finish the report soon, I could get over to the exhibition and help Mary pack up quickly. Maybe there would even be time for a romantic meal at a restaurant before going home, it might put her in the mood for a little loving later on, I thought!

The report took a little longer to complete than I expected.

"It's 6pm, Mr. Cooper," Said Danni as she opened my door in her coat. "Okay if I go now, or do you still need me?"

The temptation to ask my gorgeous secretary to strip off her clothes and let me fill her sweet pussy with my raging erection, was almost too much - but not quite!

"No, that's fine Danni. See you in the morning."

"G'night Mr. Cooper."

It was 7pm by the time I closed the buff folder and grabbed my jacket from the stand by the door. Turning off the light and locking the door behind me, I made my way down to the basement car park. Twenty minutes later I was pulling my Lexus into the car park of the exhibition centre on the outskirts of town. I nodded briefly to the security guard on the door, I was about to inform him that I was here to help my wife with her trade stand when he simply waved me into the main hall with a bored gesture. The exhibition clearly finished for the day, the hall was in semi darkness and fairly quiet.

I walked past several stands where eager young sales types were counting their orders for the day and cracking crude jokes while they packed their samples and other merchandising goods into small stock rooms that were situated behind each stand. The place was very large and it took me several minutes of searching before I found Mary's pitch. The whole area was dark and I wondered for a horrible moment if I were too late and she had finished up early and gone home ahead of me. I swore quietly to my self and was just about to turn and leave when I heard a noise from the small stock room. The door was slightly ajar and I could see a dim light from within. As I neared the room, I could clearly hear my wife's voice coming from behind the door.

"Oooo, yes! Yes! Yes!...kiss me there baby...mmmmm I'm cumming!"

My mind turned somersaults as I realised what was going on in the small room. I didn't think, I just flung open the door and stormed in. For the previous few seconds all manner of emotions had been rushing through my mind; anger, jealousy, confusion, hurt. They all competed for primary position within my fuddled brain. I don't know what I was expecting to see, but the scene that befell me as I entered the room stopped me dead in my tracks. Mary was sitting on a table set against one wall as naked as the day she was born. With her, also completely naked was, not just one, but THREE young men, all with hard looking bodies and even harder looking pricks! One was kneeling between my wife's out stretched legs with his tongue firmly attached to her engorged and visible clit, while the other two were kissing and licking her large, firm breasts.

Mary squealed as she saw me enter. Her lovers stopped their oral caresses and all four looked at me, surprise on the men's faces and a look of horror on Mary's.

"What the fuck is going on?" I asked stupidly. It's amazing that, no matter how intelligent you think you are, presented with a sight like this, all you can think of to say is the incredibly obvious!

"I..um..er...." replied my wife, equally stupidly!

Strangely, at this point, my mind became as lucid as it has ever been. The choices that presented themselves seemed suddenly very clear and obvious: either I could storm out of the room and end our ten year marriage forever, or stay and try to rationalize the situation. I should have been enraged, disgusted by my wife's behaviour, but all I could feel at that time was lust! Looking at Mary's open and very wet pussy, with her juices glistening on her puffy labia, had my cock as hard as stone - maybe it was the fact that I hadn't had sex for a while, or maybe it was the thought that, if I hadn't interrupted the proceedings, I would have been treated to the sight of my wife getting gang-banged by three burly guys. I don't really know why, but the choice seemed already made for me. I slumped into one of the cheap plastic seats and stared open mouthed.

"Don't stop." I said simply.

Mary looked back at me, the horrified expression on her face suddenly giving way to a slight smile. "Are you sure hon?" she asked me, "You really want me..er, us, to go on?"

I nodded my head. Suddenly my mouth felt arid, words were not forming. All I knew was that I wanted to see her get fucked, and fucked hard! The three young guys hardly seemed fazed at all that their own private slut now had her husband watching as well and things now began to move a little faster.

The guy that had just licked Mary to orgasm suddenly stood. His cock looked huge, at least ten inches of solid meat that twitched in his hand as he rubbed his long foreskin up and down his shaft briefly. He had not moved from between Mary's spread legs and now stroked the thick purple head along her well lubricated slit. Mary moaned and closed her eyes as she experienced another tremor of orgasm that obviously began to gather strength and intensity as the young man began to ease his pole between her slick lips and into her eager tunnel.

As he began to slowly fuck her wet pussy, I saw the other two lads move up to my wife's head. Their cocks were not quite as large, but equally as hard as they began to pull her face backward and forwards between them, rubbing their cocks, wet with beads of pre-cum, over her face and lips. Suddenly, the shorter of these two men grabbed her face in his hands and ordered her to open her mouth. His tone was strong and powerful and Mary obeyed, instantly parting her ruby red lips and allowing his thick penis to enter her mouth. She had barely started to fellate this guy, when the third man, obviously quite distraught that he now had nowhere to stick his engorged cock, began to complain bitterly.

With a gasp, Mary pushed the cock out of her mouth so that she could speak.

"Quick," she breathed, "I know how you can all get a piece of me. Lets change positions!"

I heard a "plop" as the guy that was buried in her pussy withdrew his cock and all three helped Mary onto the floor. I watched in fascination as the first guy lay down on the carpeted floor on his back. Mary took his large erection between her fingers, and, swinging her leg over his lower body, straddled the thick weapon and let it slide deep into her pussy. She gasped at the size and depth that this angle afforded, and stopped briefly while she accustomed herself, dropping a hand to her crotch and teasing her protruding clit every now and then. When she was settled and comfortable, she spoke again.

"Okay," she said, "Now, I want you in my mouth and you in my ass! I want to feel all three of you at the same time!"

The second guy positioned himself at her head once again and offered her his throbbing prick which Mary immediately re-accepted into her hot mouth. The last young man was now kneeling behind her and using his hands to open her buttocks. As his fingers spread the fleshy globes, both he and I could see the tiny pink hole of my wife's anus open like a flower. I continued to watch as he spat in his hand and rubbed the saliva into her nether hole, greasing her up like a well oiled machine. Once he was content with his lubrication work, he began to massage the head of his penis against the impossibly tight hole. It was beautiful, the way that Mary's ass began to widen and dilate as the, albeit thinner, penis began to penetrate her. She gasped as her butt swallowed three then four inches of his meat and all three men began to fuck her body in unison. Her voice was muffled by the length of meat in her mouth, but we could all tell that her grunts were noises of excitement and lust.

The display that I now watched was truly remarkable. My sweet wife, (or sweet slut as I would now have called her) had cock in every hole. The young guys were working their magic wonderfully, thrusting into her body with practised ease so that at no time was her body empty of meat. Mary was groaning deeply around the cock in her mouth and I could tell that her orgasms were coming so fast that they seemed to all melt into one long climax.

The younger of the three guys, that was currently drilling my wife's mouth and throat, came first. I thought for a moment that he was going to shoot his load down her throat, but as he began to convulse, he pulled his dick from between her painted lips and emptied his balls over her pretty, smiling face. Cum was flying everywhere and splashed obscenely on her nose and in her mouth, some matting in her short blonde hair. As he collapsed back onto the floor, his spent cock softening visibly, his friend in Mary's ass began to grunt.

"Oh baby," he said through gritted teeth, "You're one hot fucking bitch to let us all fuck you like this! I'm nearly there honey...I'm gonna shoot my cum in your tight asshole...ahhh....yes..yes..YESSSSSSSS..."

With a shout of lust, This man also pulled out of Mary's body at the point of climax. His cock jerked wildly in his hand as he ejaculated stream after stream of thick white semen over her upturned bottom. Mary screamed and came again herself as his hot seed scorched her soft skin.

The second guy now joined his friend sitting on the floor as they both began to cheer on the last of Mary's lovers. The small room was filled with voices as Mary joined in and urged the man still buried in her wet pussy to cum inside her. His eyes were tight shut as he gripped her hips and bucked himself up into her body time and time again. Mary was gasping out loud as if she were being torn in half by the ten inch monster that was invading her. After a few more seconds we all heard a deep groan of satisfaction from under my wife's writhing body and watched as the last guy spasmed and shook beneath her. Mary twisted her body and humped down onto his prone frame, milking every last drop of cum from his balls.

As the three young men dressed they each planted a friendly kiss on Mary's face. She looked completely exhausted and almost unable to move as she lay, still naked, with cum staining her face. Her legs were splayed open still, for the world to see her open, wet cunt as she breathed in great lungfuls of air, trying to get her breath back. The lads excused themselves and actually thanked me as they left the cramped room!

There was an awkward silence now that Mary and I were alone together. We were both brought back to reality with a bang as we realised what we had both done. I saw only one way out of this situation. I knew that talking would not solve the problem, actions would speak louder than words.

Standing up, I quickly released my belt and removed my suit trousers. My cock, that had been aching in my underwear for so long, was standing erect and proud. Mary watched me as I walked towards her prone body. She was still lying on her back, her large, firm breasts heaving with every breath she took. The upper slopes of her tit flesh were still stained with cum as I straddled her upper body and placed my rigid member between the warm globes. She smiled up at me and scooped her tits into her hands, pressing them around my cock as I began to furiously fuck into her cleavage.

I grunted and swore as I tit-fucked my wife, calling her all the names under the sun as I humped my way towards my climax with little or no regard for anything but my own personal fulfillment. As much as I abused her, Mary just seemed to want more, urging me on with words of encouragement. At last, with a gasp of air, I felt my balls contract. The first, huge stream of cum shot from the end of my throbbing cock and hit her straight in the face while the rest oozed out between her slick tits, coating the hard, stiff nipples.

We did talk later that evening. We both admitted that our sex life had left a lot to be desired recently, but as Mary talked through her embarrassment, she confirmed that recently she had been having dreams where she was used by a group of men for their pleasure. She confirmed that this was the first time that she had lived out her fantasy in real life, but now that she had, and that I had allowed her, she wanted more of the same. Until that day, I had never really thought about my wife being taken my other men, and certainly not by a group, but I also had to admit, that as long as I could watch, and that I would get to fuck her afterwards, I was more than happy to play along. I had a feeling that our lives were unlikely to ever be the same again!

- English Bob

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