Coming Soon: The Locker Room, and some other news

Actually coming soon this time... hopefully...

Since I'm always working on so many sets I'll often say things like "this is coming next and it will be done in a few weeks". Unfortunately it's often the case that it takes much longer than expected due to a number of things which I've probably mentioned before but part of them Is me always wanting to render more shots. For example "The Locker Room" was supposed to be a short 20 image set that kept people happy until my next big set, though at the time of this post its up to 42 images. I'm planning for 50 in total, but as I just mentioned, planning isn't my strongest point.

So while I'm certain this will be my next set I'm not sure just quite when it will be done and how long it will take. I'm hoping two weeks at the most since my next two weeks are quite busy but it all depends.

Afterwards, I'll start posting some news about my next major focus which is Emily's community voted set. It is titled "Emily's Negotiation" and it is a squeal to "Emily's Investigation". Although it's a sequel it doesn't take place directly after the events of her encounter with the undead. It's going to be pretty big. More on this later.

So here's another preview of "The Locker Room"

 Stay tuned...

~ Jimjim

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