Energy Enhancement

Trying out 'our' roots again; Nadiy Elf and I. Blond Posh hair and her 'taxi-checked' Pampoen. The skin is Scotlyn, but it is perhaps a bit too light. In my runtime, I ran across Dendras Electro-Tort set from (my god! pre-V1?) 2001. The rack, clips and cables are all from Dendras, but expect to spend some time in the Poser joint-editor, as the default 'center' for movement/rotation is totally wacked. The control box and battery is from a newer Davo set (Quonset Hut).

Nadiy has been feeling a little drained, ya-know, short of energy. So when she sees her kindly neighbor, old Science Professor Strumbeck out tending his roses, she asked if he can do something about her low energy levels.
Seems he can; he offers to tweak her energy levels. Down in his basement, where he has what he calls his "Easy-A machine". Something about students ... like cheerleaders ... wanting easy science credits.
Nadiy follows, even though she doesn't need college credits. She even undresses? Why not ... she gets naked in all of my render sets. This set is no different! Strip, Nadiy, Strip.

By the way, this is Darkseal's brilliant Panty Dropper for V4 Basicwear
Mounted, the professor pushes the well lubricated gold-plated probe up her tight ass. The probe is big, long, and COLD!!
Next the wiring: red is power, black ground, and the blue is control-feedback. All scientific! Yet I doubt his methods of 'energy enhancement' are sanctified by the scientific community as a whole! And why does a respectable professor even have such equipment in his basement! Oh, yah, to give Easy A's.
The power jolts through Nadiy, as the professor expertly adjust the circuit for the correct charge effect. It started out a bit too high, but the professor gets the level right.
Now idling in steady state, power entering Nadiy's sensitive nipples, draining out the gold-plated probe up her ass. The professor investigates, enjoying the feel and scent of her pulsing pussy. He sucks a while, making sure the front passage is slick.
Then the real energy magic, moving the ground to his own ass, the Professor makes a nice wet connection with dear Nadiy, positive power on her nipples, tickles through vagina and cock, then grounded out his ass. I mean, is this a 'Hook Up' or what!?! At least the professor is long and hard, so the sex is truly electrifying! (Okay, sorry ... bad pun)

But I'm sure a good fucking will help perk Nadiy up!

Credits [PP14 + GIMP][Aiko4 mix][Pampeon Outfit][Posh Hair][M4 Beer Belly and Veranil][Secret Garden][Scary Basement][Dendras Electro-Tort][Quonset Hit props][Industrial Clutter]

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