First Post - Introducing Ryiah and Orgruk

Hello Everyone!

I am Nexis3D and I am starting this blog so I can share my erotic 3D artwork with the world. I've been messing around with this stuff for about a year now and I have finally gotten it to a quality level that I think should be shared with other people. I really enjoy doing this kind of stuff when I have a few hours spare and I hope you guys enjoy the work.

I'll be working mostly with elves and monsters in consensual and non-consensual situations. I will also most likely be sticking with a set few girls and slowly introducing more as time moves on. A lot of work goes into getting the skin, material and proportions of a new girl just right. Monsters will also probably be repeat characters and used again over time. 

I plan on releasing some half-sets at first and if they get enough attention I'll go an finish the sets. I encourage you to share my work but please keep my name attached to it! If you have any questions or comments you can leave them here or mail me at

So lets get started! First up is the gorgeous Ryiah, who finds herself separated and on the run from a brutish orc, Orgruk. She pauses for a second to catch her breath and check to see if she's lost him... she hasn't. 

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