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      This is only a clip of the whole movie, but I suppose it gets towards the heart of our interest. A mother fucks a black guy in front of her daughter as a kind of ‘educational experience’, so that her daughter learns about the virtues of black cock. When the learning girl asks if her mom is on birth control, mother denies it and says anything can happen. Needless to say, mommy gets a creamy filling, and daughter might be getting a little black baby brother.

      I can’t believe I haven’t posted this one before! Or maybe I have and it got deleted. In any case, this lovely girl Kyla acted on Vagninal Cumshots probably about a decade ago, and this was one of the first movies that I ever found that always was one of my favorites. Kyla is the kind of girl I’d want to have as a girlfriend, not just because she’s hot as hell but her attitude is adorable. Gah… Well she gets an unexpected creampie from the era of when that genre wasn’t terribly acted out, so enjoy this gem of a film!

      Technically there is more to this than simply hot natural sex. The plot from what I can gather of this movie fragment is that a babysitter has kind of the hots for the father, or at least is very flattered that he has an obvious interest in her. So she invites her boyfriend over and tells him, and that spurs him on to assuring her that she is his to fuck only. The sex itself is fantastic! And though in the end he pulls out to cum all over her stomach, he forces his still-cummy cock back into her and orders her to cum for him – which she does, explosively. Great stuff, really!

      A compilation with a bit of text thrown into the mix. If you did not know already, it is a fact that most of a human male’s sperm is known as ‘killer sperm’, that is their job apparently is to encumber, block, or slaughter the sperm of other men. This suggests that evolutionarily human men are fairly likely to have multiple sexual partners and/or have to fend off opposing men impregnating their women – or impregnate someone else’s mate. So perhaps one of the most natural sexual situation for humanity would be a gangbang with pussies slopping and overflowing with countless mens’ sperm! It’s a fun concept to think about…

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