In a More Rational Universe ...

In a universe far, far away .. and one a bit more rational ... clone-troopers are cute Elf-Gals instead of some dumpy old grump named Bobo Fett!

And while the troops seem to die from a lot of gut-shots, the design really protects the more vital head-areas, allowing the evil empire to download and forward the combat skills of the dying clone into another clone fighter.

The public dismisses the system as fluff, as gov't waste; the public is quick to judge and ignorant. Most of the clone troopers have over two hundred years of combat knowledge and skill. They may be cute and quick to drop their panties for a quick fuck, but they are lethal! They keep the Evil Empire alive and well!

FYI - the Aiko4 are (from left to right), Nadiy, Matilda, Akemi, and Terrin.

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