Riven: Genesis 2

Well, when i've seen her (which came with the Aiko 6 pack) i said to me "God! I've to take her & play with her in my renders!". I'm quite satisfy of how she looks in Octane (her beauty hasn't lost) & find the right hair style which fit her perfectly.
There, still, was one point who disappointed me: female genital, i don't know what's wrong (probably it's just me) but i can't play too much with G2 shapes especially around hips/belly or the genital part (belly part) looks so "weird" ...
So what i've done ? Tested the Erogenesis V4 genital on G2, looks nice! Without their morph (V4 morph part) for the sex scene it will need some Zbrush retouch :).

I just can say: i love her ^^ !

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