Sites to Check Out #9

      Summer is in full swing, and while I develop the finishing touches on my latest premium story, I have a nice list of sites my fertile fellows and viewers should be checking out in the meantime.

      Erotic movies are something of my bread and butter for getting off. Good ones are hard to find, search terms that might work are difficult to come up with, and the ease browsing through potential winners depends on what kind of search site you are using. I can say that my current favorite site for looking up impregnation movies is PornMD.

      With a cute mascot of a sexy doctor, PornMD is a free video compilation site that does a great job in its search department. Unlike the straightforward tube sites like PornHub and Tube8 that have their own video databases, PornMD refers to a whole host of sites wherein your fecund movie might be found. I haven’t yet stumbled across a bad site from them like NudeVista or similar porncrawlers have managed, as I think they only refer to reputable sites.

      Now, the search functions. You can do the simplest search by just typing in some keywords and whether you want straight, gay, or shemale results. Right away it will give dropdowns of potential variations of your keywords, which is not too uncommon. But when you punch in the term, that’s when you get some great search criteria!

      Say we put in ‘Pregnant’. What comes out aside from hundreds of movies with that term associated with it are a list of related terms, like ‘Lactating’, ‘Preggo’, and ‘Pregnant Gangbang’ in case you were interested in some similar searches. Furthermore you can refine your search by limiting what length of film you desire to see, what date it has been posted on, the visual quality of the movies, and even the sites from which it would pull kinky films. These dials make it very easy to narrow down finding interesting porn, and I’ve been finding a ton thanks to it.

      In the end it is another porn tube search site, but as many who surf these things will know not all are made the same. PornMD has great search criteria that refers to huge pools of erotic films, and it really helps to sift through most of the junk results you get on other porn search sites. I definitely recommend checking it out and cruising around it for a bit – I’m sure the doctor will cure what ails you.

      This site is something of a little internet secret, and for good reason. Like Lucious or e-hentai it is a collection of erotic comics, mainly manga-style but includes many others as well. It has a vast library, thousands and thousands of kinky titles from naughty image sets to full-fledged storylines, but there is a catch. If you try to go to it and haven’t been there before, you will see what lends this goldmine site its most common name:

      You will see a picture of a sad panda.

      Yes, to the average bumbler stumbling across this site, there is only a redirect to a picture of a sad, sad panda. The very mention of ‘Sad Panda’ means this interesting defense unique to ExHentai, so if you ever saw the term online before with lusty anonymous persons talking about how hot this or that was, now you know whence it comes.

      You may wonder why it has that in the first place, since it is a totally free site in the end. The defense is there to keep most people out, unless they are the sort who love resources like this and crave seeing one of the best online. It has materials both wonderful and questionable to the general public, thus it keeps itself safer from idiots this way.

      There are a few ways to get to it if you are truly a bad enough dude, or have reasonable search skills. Mostly you just learn it from a friend or stumble across the method after doing some normal searches. All I will say about Sad Panda is that there are browser add-ins one can download to bypass Sad Panda automatically, and a search in that direction on google will perhaps yield some interesting results…

      As for the quality of the site, I love it. It is my #1 go-to site for hentai comics, and the collection of impregnation, pregnancy, monstergirl, and every other delightful comic convention I enjoy can be found there a hundred times over. If you can appreciate that, godspeed in finding your way past the Sad Panda, and enjoy!

      Some of my viewers may remember a few movies I posted in previous Movie threads that were simple but extremely hot video compilations depicting the insemination and impregnation of lovely women from higher-end erotic films. The author of these films goes by the name SkyLiberty, and I had the pleasure of receiving a comment from just recently!

      Apparently his movie-making endeavors have been hampered by various media hounds that always seem to attack works people actually put some effort into. As a result he is being more careful about how he goes about posting his works, but also provided some great links to his current collections. I’ve had a look at some of the pictures and films, and they are fantastic. His photoshop work includes x-ray internal shots, nice insemination/pregnancy pictures, and his favorite videos collection has literally hours of fertile fucking and womb impregnating goodness.

      It is a treasure trove of great stuff with his signature work mixed in for good measure. I will undoubtedly be referencing some of his collection in my future updates, and I invite everyone to go straight to the source and let him know your appreciation of his work!

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