Sponsored Sites Update | May 2014

      Hello everyone, and welcome to another Sponsored Sites Update! It has been a somewhat slow month in updates as far as I am concerned, but the same doesn’t really hold true for these wonderful sites. Lets begin then, shall we?

      May has been absolutely gushing with internal cumshots on Lelu Love’s site! There has been so many that I could make two months worth of previews for them, and she’s been exploring some nice topics too. Cheating creampies, condom removal, sperm donation are just a few.

Seduces Him Removes Condom Creampie
      Lelu has had her eye on her friend for a long time. The fact that he has a boyfriend doesn’t dissuade her from getting at his cock, however. He’s easy enough to seduce once she gets her luscious lips around his dick, and it isn’t long before she’s riding him for all he’s worth. Right before he cums she pulls off the condom and sends him over the edge inside her fertile cunt. Whoops. Looks like his girlfriend might find out after all!

POV Sperm Donor BJ Creampie
      With artificial insemination costing thousands of dollars, it’s no small wonder Lelu decides to get a baby the old fashioned way. Her boyfriend is infertile, but you are not. She doesn’t waste any time in stripping down and grabbing your cock, making sure to tease in all sorts of positions until they cum together and knock up her hot little pussy.

Female Gardener Cheating Husband Creampie
      Sometimes the hired help can be naughtier than you imagine. Lelu has been gardening for her employer Mike in skimpy outfits and showing off for weeks. Despite both being married, the hot little slut wants his seeds sown inside her sooo bad. Neither can resist the opportunity, and the adulterous pair plow her fertile field and plant his seeds deep inside her fertile garden.

      Fairly steady progress as usual going on in the workshop of Fobbs at Illustrated Interracial. All stories are still ongoing, and at 6 updates for the month of May we can expect to see the story Coach wrapping up within the next month or two I predict. In the meantime Manza and Emptiness have been heating up, as most of the activity in the forums have been speculations and requests towards those two stories. Flag Girls is chugging along, and completing it will take a long time yet – the full story is available on Literotica under its author ‘Stormbringer’ in case you were all curious. It is free to check out!

Holiday Pictures

      Every so often, Fobbs likes to pen a few holiday celebration pictures for members to enjoy. While none so far have formed the kind of narrative you might find in the comic works, they have a certain appeal to me in that they are a single panel, and often times tell a whole little story in the limits of that single picture. Compact sexiness, just how I like it!

      A few of them seem to have the potential for even more written about them, one such being a Thanksgiving picture entitled “The Secret Tradition”. The stand-alone picture tells volumes. As the Pilgrims and Indians sit down for their famous thanksgiving meal, a certain blond-haired slut is getting teamed up in the foreground by a train of four natives, each waiting to get their turn inside her hot European snatch.

       Now that’s all there is to it, and of the holiday pictures it is one of my favorites. But I think it holds the potential for becoming a full comic in its own right one day. Historical comics like Manza that Fobbs has penned have proven to be extremely popular from his outspoken members, and the interracial potential between meek and trusting pilgrims and proud Indian warriors is a powder keg waiting to be lit. Whether or not Fobbs would be up to it I am not sure yet, but I think the potential is there for some great action.

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