Summer Blog Feedback and Improvement

      Summer is here, and with it I thought it was high time to make another Blog Feedback post, as well as describe a bit about what projects I am undertaking and plan to undertake in the coming sunny weeks.

      First and foremost, I want to mention a very exciting story contest that I just launched with the help of the moderators and admins on The ImpregNation. Those of you who are familiar with my previous contests will know how passionate I am about them. Being able to encourage my fellow authors and aspiring writers in a friendly competition and having the opportunity to reward their hard efforts with wonderful prizes just seems great to me!

      This contest is going to be an extremely ambitious one too. This time I am teaming up with the producer JWTies from Taboo Diaries with a Make-A-Movie Drive: The story most picked by popular vote will be made into a full-length erotic movie! That alone is terribly exciting, since when do many people like you or I get the chance to actually see a video of our kinky fantasies like that?

      But that’s not all. Due to popular demand for seeing the charming ImpregNation owner and administrator Daddy on screen, we are attempting to raise the funds necessary to send him to star in the film. Towards that end we are setting up a raffle for the first time, and every week prizes from our sponsors will be awarded to those who donate towards that travel fund.

      Membership on The ImpregNation is completely free, and everyone can participate in the competition, whether or not you decide to try your hand at writing or exercise your luck by buying into the raffle. You can read the whole detailed competition plan through the link below if you are interested.

      So that competition is going to span most of the summer, but I have other plans besides presiding over just one promising venture. My professional writing has encountered something of a rut lately, but I am slogging through the mud of indecision and hesitation towards finishing the story Primal Ritual. Fear not, my fans and alpha-readers! I have not forgotten you, and I will be finishing the first draft as soon as I can.

      On the note about stories, I have so far been trying my hand at making my own covers. I am an extreme novice when it comes to using Photoshop and drawing/coloring, but I wonder if any of my readers are more experienced than I am? If you are and know of good resources for me to learn from, such as Creative Cow and the like, let me know. Any other offers for assistance would also be highly appreciated.

      And as for other writings, I have been somewhat busy with a few online friends, and thus I am planning on posting a few RP stories that I have had the pleasure of engaging in. They just need a little editing and touching up to remove all the ‘username says:’ garbage, but I assure you they are fairly saucy tales all their own. And yes, I do have plans to continue writing on my public stories also.

      Finally, I have been curious about how good of a job I have been doing on this blog as far as my readers are concerned. It looks like my polls got all buggered up somehow – at least on my end – so I lost a great deal of nice information sadly. But my questions are a bit more focused this time around on some other matters.

      Of course, to entice the shyer visitors to Impregnation Erotica who still have ideas and constructive comments to share, I will post one brand-new captioned picture from a ‘Breeding Propaganda’ series I have been working on for every well-reasoned and useful comment I receive. Valid comments can reference my questions or otherwise provide good insights into how I might improve Impregnation Erotica well into the future.

      As for some questions, here are a few. These might turn into polling questions as well, but only comments get pictures!

1) Do you like having a set schedule for posting, as in every Wednesday and Sunday a new post goes up, or do you prefer the current posting style?

2) What kinds of posts do you enjoy the most and why? As in, do you like the wordless picture-posts, the half words and half content posts like Impregnation Videos posts, or do you enjoy mostly word posts like stories, RP’s, and short erotic essays?

3) What kind of stuff would you like to see on Impregnation Erotica in the future? Is there a particular facet of impregnation or pregnancy which you would like to see me explore? What kinds of content do you want to see more of in the future?

4) For my last book release I included a coupon for those who bought it right away, and I very much liked the results. Are there other things I could do to convince more viewers to pick up my books?

      If you have any other concern, praise, or comment to raise feel free to. Just remember that while I as a general rule do not remove even silly comments, pictures only will get rewarded in an upcoming posting based on constructive, reasonable comments for improvement.

      That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and happy wanking!

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