Free commissions (CLOSED)


Free commissions

The title says it all. I'm not about making money since I take way to long on my projects since for me it's just a hobby and not a job. However I do love to help people in satisfying their 3dx desires if I can. So that's what this is about. Essentially it's a ideas competition. Who ever comes up with the best ideas for a commission that I would most like to make will win their commission idea. Over the next week 10th-17th of July I will be accepting up to 5 ideas/commissions that I want to make the most. Each commission will probably only be 2-3 images each but that can change depending on how much I like the Idea.

Send your Ideas for a 2-3 image commission to and await the results. Keep in mind there are some rules that must be kept with when submitting ideas.

  • You can only submit one idea. Don't send me 19 emails, or put 19 ideas into one email. Just pick the idea you want to happen the most and submit That.
  • The characters you choose must be from my existing roster unless your idea is so incredibly awesome that I requires a new character never before seen. (No you cannot request real people, other peoples characters, ect)
  • Maximum of 4 characters
  • Things I will not do: guru/gore, scat, watersports, male on male, Futa (I don't have a problem with Futa It's just not my style) and children.
  • You get to choose whether it is private or public (to be discussed in email but would suggest public)
  • The First person to submit an idea will get it made garunteed. The other winners will be judged on idea quality.

And finally keep in mind that this is a free commission not a paid one so It may take a while and my interpretation of your idea may be different from how you envisioned. While I'll be in contact with the winners unfortunatley sometimes you can't make everyone happy so I guess what I'm saying is while I try to make everyone happy sometimes it just isn't possible.

Ok, good luck and remember you have from the 10th to the 17th to submit your ideas via email, I'll be in touch.

If you want to ask anymore questions about the rules before you submit feel free to send an email to the same adress or post a comment here. Even if you do not win I will respond to all ideas before the winners are announced.

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