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      Oh I know, not a very descriptive title, especially on this site. But just watch the movie and you will realize it doesn't need too much description. We have a sexy lady back for more erotic work, only it has been a few months and she is very much pregnant – and horny as hell. The girl can hardly even wait for the interview to be done before she is stripping and sucking down fertile cocks like a madwoman. Which she is, being over seven months pregnant after all!

Mom wants to get knocked up
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      This one… I’ll be honest, I thought it was weird in a silly way. I am an advocate for dirty talk (some of my close friends can vouch for that personally), especially when it comes to breeding. But this amateur tape of a breeding session is weirdly… weird. I mean it is breeding dirty talk, but from this sweet lady saying it in such a bashful and shy manner it comes off as… silly. Well, at least for me – nevertheless it is on our favorite topic that is rarely spoken aloud in these videos. Check it out and see for yourself –she’s getting her MILF pussy full of virile cum at least!

Demanding Wife
      And here is a professional clip from the days of yore when hardcore porn at least tried to have some plot. The scene it focuses on has a disgruntled housewife looking to have a baby. Her husband and her have been trying for awhile, but haven’t had too much success yet. Until now, that is. There is your general gambit of pornish fucking, though oddly there is a cumshot on her belly instead of inside it where it could actually do its business… But hey, it’s big budget porn. Semen in the belly button can lead to pregnancy too, right?

Danielle has sex on hidden camera
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      Now this is a gem of amateur clips if I have seen any. From what I can tell from the way the girl acts, she doesn’t realize she is on camera. In a lot of amateur productions you see a lot of participants acting off when being filmed. This time you get to see a very sexy, very cockhungry, and very eager girl going wild for her boyfriend’s cock in all sorts of shameless positions. Her orgasms are real, from her mindless chattering to the full-body flailing leading up to them, and the best part is her boyfriend is a true gentleman. After getting off in her mouth, he spares a few drops of his sperm for her hungry cunt as he gets her off one last time on his spent cock. This is one of my favorite amateur movies, so enjoy!

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