Primal Ritual | Premium Story News      A tad overdue in my original schedule, but I am proud to announce the official release of my latest premium short story, Primal Ritual.

      In an isolated village far in the past, an ancient ritual begins. As the carnal rite unfolds, Theia and Lykos are chosen as sacrifices to celebrate the all-powerful gods. Their demand: life for life. The price of prosperity is high for the unrestrained midnight revel that will adorn the heavens with the pleasured cries of those two souls. Can Theia and Lykos complete the ritual through a storm of blinding ecstasy and animalistic lust, or will they and their village be doomed?

      Primal Ritual is over 7,000 words long and contains elements of erotic mysticism, ancient fertility rituals, primal sex, impregnation, and body art. Seeped in ancient cultic imagery and wild passionate coupling, this story takes on a lyrical tone that enthralls the senses and tempts one to lose themselves in their own primal nature. If you enjoy mythological overtones and pagan fertility rituals, this tantalizing story is for you.

      To celebrate the release of this story, I have a special coupon code to make it $0.99 until July 22nd. Be sure to put in WW65H when buying to get this limited-time price! To top it off, an Impregnation Erotica exclusive excerpt is below, just for the viewers of my blog:

      A look Lykos had never seen before crossed her whole form as he backed off: a primal longing that poured from her whole form the same way sap would from a wounded tree. Slowly she found her breath and footing, and on all fours crawled towards her hunter. Lykos stared as his transformed Theia mounted his legs and hips and offered her bare flesh to him, the flesh he had won from her in the hunt. Unashamed of her nakedness she began to dance once more, a fluid and serpentine motion that stirred her hips and stretched her supple limbs about him. A part of Lykos sought to call her name, for a goddess must have possessed his shy Theia then. But he could not, for the beast he had become could no longer speak.

      Theia's amber eyes glinted red in the firelight, looking down upon her lover as she spread her fingertips across his naked chest. She explored every inch, caressing his coarse pelt and smooth cheek, along the sharp claws that adorned his tightening hands, and still further beyond his sinewy abs and beneath his furred loincloth. He growled when her fingers brushed by his manhood and lingered. The hare goddess brushed her bare belly and breasts with her pale ears, softer and lighter than the finest snow, and only the light of her eyes pierced through the shadowed aspect of the horned divinity sitting atop him.

      As she moved, so too did the scenes etched upon her. Every leaf and stem drawn upon her flesh swayed as if touched by a breeze no mortal could detect, all dancing between darkness and light. The countless drops of sweat, like so many shimmering jewels, hung suspended within the scene - a rainstorm captured by some divine will. The countless twigs and leaves wove around the toned plain of her belly, its nakedness of symbols demanding to be filled. Lykos lost himself in her waves and turns, and the feral spirit fed from the hunt starved for divine sustenance.

      He grabbed her hips and dug the long claws of his gauntlets along her fertile midsection. A low growl quaked in his throat, rumbling like an upheaval of earth. Her own quailing moan escaped her lips towards the heavens at his touch. Her hips trembled. Her womanhood slickened. The wolfish shadow of Lykos rose above his mate's as he climbed up her body, his palms never leaving her roving hips as he pushed her back down into the sand.

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