Sponsored Sites Update | June 2014

       Behold, another Sponsored Sites Update, and right in the middle of the week too. I am really liking these scheduled postings on Impregnation Erotica – they are just about the only things I have a regular schedule for right now. But I do from time to time like to post a little extra, so these monthly mentions should fit in nicely in that regard.

Lelu Love

      More great movies from Lelu Love, though who was expecting otherwise? She has enthusiastically agreed to help the story competition over at The ImpregNation and has already awarded the first of her raffle prizes to a generous and lucky winner, so consider heading over there and checking that out. Otherwise sign up for Lelu Love and request some hot, steamy fertilizing fucking! You could be doing us all a favor then.

POV Cheating Impregnating Creampie

      An interesting twist on the whole adulterous insemination storyline, this time Lelu has gotten your wife’s permission to get pregnant by her husband – you. In vitro is just so expensive, so it just makes sense to give her a little baby by fucking one into her, right? It’s for a good cause, and that’s enough to convince you to do it! After some nice pussyeating and missionary fucking you cum deep inside her, only for her to reveal she’s still on birth control and forcing you to fuck her again next month. When will she drop the pills and take on motherhood? Who knows…

Passionate Missionary Lovemaking Creampie Closeup

      The title says it all for this one. No stray storylines to get in the way, or clothes for that matter. Lelu gets fucked by her husband, legs curling around his pumping torso as he filled her tight snatch with his hot seed. Luckily the viewer gets to watch it all, especially the messy results oozing out of her well-fucked pussy.

POV Pussy Eating BJ Riding Creampie

      Sometimes, guys are slow. When a woman is hot and horny and wanting his cock, sometimes she has to drop hints like carpet bombs for it to finally get through that she wanted to get fucked. Hard. And going from eating her out to blowjobs to missionary, the lusty cat gets her cream in the end by riding it out of her once oblivious friend. Maybe he won’t be so oblivious when she starts to show in a few months…?

Illustrated Interracial

      After a few short delays last month, Fobbs has returned to his normal posting schedule and sometimes has surpassed it. June has been rather productive on all fronts, and it has been exciting to see how his current stories have been unfolding. A new section for single-photos has been added entitled ‘Parodies’, wherein I believe some popular figures in media and reality might find themselves in the midst of some interracial naughtiness. There is only one panel in it thus far, but it is a promising section should Fobbs pursue adding to it regularly.

      The owner of Illustrated Interracial has also agreed to sponsor the story competition over at The ImpregNation, opting to provide the winning author with a generous site access pass. Writing stories for the competition is of course free and highly encouraged, whether you are a veteran of writing or a novice. Check out the rules and give it a shot when you can!

Sergeant Bishop

      This is an earlier work from Fobbs, half colorized in an interesting WWII setting. After his squad is massacred by a German ambush in northern France, Sgt. Bishop stumbles across a raiding party of Nazi soldiers terrorizing a secluded farmstead. While he is able to dispatch the raiders, he was unable to save the husband of the lovely Adelina. She promptly treats his wounds while a blizzard comes to snow them in for the winter.

      While she treats him she discovers the well-endowed and army-toughened nature of Sgt. Bishop’s body. It’s only a one-room cabin out in the wilderness, and with nowhere else to go and little else to do, it isn’t long before she is exploring his dark body, exhilarating in how different he is from her late husband. The new couple fucks day in and day out, Adelina becoming addicted to his African body and soon after falling in love with Bishop. When the snow clears he returns to the front, promising to come again, and the story ends on a happy note as he returns to his lovely French wife, ready to give her another black baby to join their first.

      As one of Fobb’s older works, it is interesting to see how his style has evolved over time to what it is today. Being half-colored, it was one of his first works that he actively tried to color in during development, and for an introduction he did very well! The story is short, sweet, and sexy – my favorite combination. Again, the setting makes an interesting storytelling experience, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more Great War settings with soldiers coming across exotic beauties and giving their wombs a good dousing of mixed genes.

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