Announcement: Emily's Negotiation.

Hey, everyone.

I've been teasing at it for a little while now. Today we're ready to make an "official" announcement about this series and what this project really is.

Several months ago I was contacted by andi guinness, an erotic writer who had a pitch for a story centered around the aftermath of  "Emily's Investigation". This was just recently after the popularity contest had ended. Initially, it was decided by the community that Emily would be featured in a set having sex with the Giant. andi's idea was instead of a new set that simply featured her and the giant. It would continue from where the story left off in "Emily's Investigation".  In doing so it would incorporate the top 3 monster winners into the set as well. That is; The Giant, the Grey, and the Kregan. After some back and forth discussion we came up with a scenario that we hope you find as appealing as we do.

So, why is this a big deal? First of all it's the first collaboration I've done not to mention the first time I've had the chance to have a story to help develop the visuals further. There is only so much story you can tell through visuals. That's not to say you can't tell a good story with visuals. You certainly can! However, we believe that in this case the story and visuals complement each other to form an overall better piece of art.

Also, this will be a massive project. We haven't planned the exact number of images but it will definitely be in the hundreds. What you are seeing now is just the beginning of the first scene of the overall story which is planned to have 7 scenes in total. In it we'll try to pack in as much sensual and crazy interspecies sex as we can.

Here is a short synopsis written by andi to explain the premise of the story:

"Emily hasn't been the same since her investigation led to a zombie horde having their way with her. On the plus side, she's now a top secret agent fighting and containing monsters wherever they are.  On the other hand, she feels completely different: It's as if there's something inside her, yearning to come out. What's odd about this, though, is she actually likes it. When a typical interrogation and negotiation turns awkward, Emily's attempts to cut a deal not only to let her finally awaken the beast inside her, but take her on a sexual journey far beyond what she can imagine...
I am grateful to be working with JimJim, an incredible and likable 3DX artist. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have writing it. Stick with us, I think you'll like where we take all this."

Below is the first "page" of scene one, of "Emily's Negotiation" with and without text to give you a sneak peak at what's to come. Also a nice view of page 2 as well. The story and text placement is done by andi guinness and the art is by me.

For a sneak peak at page 3 and more, visit andi's tumbler here

To read some more of andi's previous work, check out his thread at the affect 3d forums here:

Some of you might have a few questions so here is my attempt to answer some of them in advance:

Q. Has anything been scrapped?
A. Nope! I have over 100+ images of unreleased renders from incomplete sets and even more than that from behind the scenes stuff like test images and alternate costumes. I know I don't seem very punctual with my releases. That's because I like to release things when they are done. That's why I don't simply upload these images. What you'll end up with is 6 or 7 unfinished sets and I don't want that to be the experience you get from my work.

I will continue to work on these other sets as well as these larger projects that involve stories and a more enriching experience overall. Coming very soon will be a large (around 50) image set; the long awaited (kind of) "Locker Room" set. Also a 15 image set from my free commission competition featuring April and her nicely hung Zombie "friend".

Q. I don't like text on my images!
A. Firstly that isn't a question and secondly there will be a "text-less" version of images for those who don't want to read the story for whatever personal reasons you have. For those interested in a stand alone copy of the story; I'm sure andi will be happy to upload the story by itself when the image set gets released.

Q. Sounds good, when will it be released?
A. I'd love to give even a rough estimate as to when this will be released. Unfortunately, the answer is simply; I don't know. Did I mention that scene 1 has over 100 images? There are currently 7 planned scenes to this story, which may end up to be the first of many to come in the future. Another reason is that for both of us, this is simply a hobby. Although I try to promote and release my work as if it was a product at the end of the day it is simply just what I end up doing in my free time. Both of us work full time and rendering an image can take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours. I hope to continue improving my workflow as much as possible to help get this great story out to you guys as soon as possible.

However, real life will always find a way to get in the way.

So, while we can't give you an estimated date as of yet. I'll try and keep you all up to date on the progress as well as post lots of behind the scenes design images.

If you have any more questions about the project feel free to ask them in the comments and I'll try my best to answer them.

In conclusion, both andi and I are super excited about this project and can't wait to see it come to life and continue. I'd also like to say thanks to the small amount of fans that follow my blog and praise my work. It means a lot to me and helps keep me motivated. I hope to post at least a monthly blog post from now on with new teasers and behind the scenes stuff and extras. Not to mention some of the actual sets I have been working on these past 2 years.

Thanks again!
~ Jimjim

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