Flaccid-Erect: Giant UPDATED [29/AUG/2014]

UPDATE: [18/JUN/2014]

 Ok, So there seems to be some mixed views on the Giants sizing. What I've done is reduced it slightly as you can see in the new images below:



Also here is a comparison of Emily next to it, still excited that she has won the "Poll" ;)


I think this may be the most realistic option. Even though it's smaller, it's still massive. Though I'm sure some people will still disagree with it's size. Although I want to keep everybody happy In the end I can't. So this is the smallest I'm going to go with this Giant character. (He's not called a "Giant" for nothing you know :P)

However, since the whole reason we're going to be seeing Emily with the Giant, Kregan and Grey in the upcoming multipart story "Emily's Negotiation" is thanks to the votes of you guys, I'm going to let you decide!

I'm preparing what I'm going to call the "level comparison" Where I'll post 3 full body comparison images with Emily. Level 1, 2 & 3. Level 1 will be the above, new, smaller sizing. Level 2 will be the original in case people prefer it. Level 3 will be what happens when I get too carried away and most people will find it repulsive. But some people may want to see it anyway. It's looks something like this:


So, how will this work? Should we have a vote for this? Post you ideas and feed back in the comments. I will probably end up hosting another poll for this "poll" ;). I will make a new post with info and the level comparisons if that's what people want to do.


I always felt that the giant was going to be the "biggest" character I made. In light of some recently revealed and some yet to be revealed creature designs I thought he needed a bit of a make over in order to regain his status as the giant. Here's a new full body render of the Giant:


And here is the Flaccid - Erect Comparison:

 Flaccid:                                                                                       Erect:


What do you think of his sizing? Too big? Too small? Just right? Discuss below :)

Who should be examined next?

~ Jimjim

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