I'm not dead - and here's a pic to prove it!

Whelp, July got a little busy. Work picked up a lot while we rushed to get a product out the door and after that was finished I took a much-needed vacation. But now I'm finally back.

I've decided that I want to get the Ryiah The Slave series of images turned into a full set. Its going to be the kickoff set that launches a whole bunch of other stories based around Ryiah and the Orc (and his friends). I plan on keeping some sort of coherent story throughout the sets. I'm about halfway through it now so here's another preview image:

Next, I want to start handing out a link banner to other popular artists and start getting some real traffic to the site. I'm sitting at about 1200 views right now and most of that was from posting my first image set on e-hentai and Rule34.

If you are a fellow 3d artist or blogger and would like to have me add your banner, feel free to drop me a line. Here are 3 of mine:
200 x 60

190 x 65

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