"Giant's Poll" Poll UPDATED [1/SEP/2014]

UPDATE: [1/SEP/2014]

Added some side poses. What other poses/angles would help decide?



So, there seemed to be some mixed views on the giants sizing. As I mentioned in the updated post with new info and images here: Flaccid-Erect: Giant UPDATED [29/AUG/2014]

Essentially Vote on the Poll on the right hand side of the screen for which sizing you want for the Giant's cock. The Poll will be up for 3 weeks. The options are as follows:

Level 1 (Smaller):



Level 2(Original):



Level 3(Stupidly Huge):


So what do you guys think? Need some more comparison images? I can work on some side views as well. Please vote! As I want this to be a fan based thing. Also post your comments, feedback discussion and requests bellow. Voting is really cool but reading comments is always more fun and insightful.

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